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About us

Thinkbox Software has provided creative tools and pipeline technology for both small and large scale projects including the worlds largest feature films. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Thor, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Avatar, Tron, GI-Joe the Rise of Cobra and hundreds of other films have utlized our software in front of and behind the screen. Our tools have been at the core of award winning projects, music videos, commercials and hundreds of hours of creative content spanning film, broadcast, commercial, marketing, games and web content. 

In addition, our technology is being used in the CAD/CAM, Engineering and non-clinical Medical visualization industries around the world to create, visualize and modify datasets as large as city streets and as small as microscopic cells. 

Our Mission is to provide our clients with intuitive solutions for creative and complex tasks in high-performance computing while consistently providing remarkable support.




Founder, CEO and President

Chris Bond is the Founder, CEO and President of Thinkbox Software. He established the company in 2010 with a mission to bring together the power of high-performance computing and the artistry of visualization. With over two decades in the visual effects industry, Bond has served as VFX Supervisor on dozens of feature films and has collaborated on over 40 film projects in a variety of creative and technical roles in pre-visualization, production and post-production. An active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, his extensive production experience informs each development decision, shaping Thinkbox into a company that understands the daily production challenges facing artists and responds accordingly. Designed under Bond’s deliberate direction, Thinkbox’s robust and frequent software releases alleviate the computing loads of traditional 3D applications, freeing artists to spend more time creating and less time waiting for projects to load and render.

Prior to forming Thinkbox, Bond started another company in the spirit of melding technology and creativity. In 1997, he launched Frantic Films, one of the fastest growing technology corporations in Canada and North America. Frantic was committed to remote workflows in VFX, and won numerous creative and business awards. The technology and VFX portions of Frantic Films were sold to Prime Focus in 2007, with Bond taking the reins as President of North America. After completing work on Avatar as VFX Supervisor and launching the company’s 2D to 3D conversion arm, Bond moved on to start a private consulting corporation called The Secret Service. He eventually re-acquired the technology he started building at Frantic and formed Thinkbox.



Director of Development

Based in Toronto, Canada, Thinkbox Software Director of Development Ian Fraser leads all research and development efforts for the company’s wide range of creative, CAD and engineering solutions, including Sequoia, Deadline, Krakatoa, Frost, Draft, XMesh and Stoke. One of Thinkbox’s first team members, Fraser joined the company upon its establishment in 2010, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing pipeline tools and solutions for visual effects. Before Thinkbox, he served as the Director of Research and Development at Prime Focus, where he led the efforts to create pipeline tools used on blockbuster films including “Avatar,” “G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra” and “Clash of the Titans.” Prior to Prime Focus, he worked as an R&D developer at Frantic Films, developing fluid simulation tools that contributed effects to “Superman Returns,” “Mr. Magorium's Magical Emporium” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in 3D, among others.



Deadline Project Manager

As Thinkbox Software’s Deadline Project Manager, Ryan Russell is charged with managing all aspects of the company’s scalable high-volume compute management solution for entertainment, CAD and engineering industries. With more than a decade of experience developing software for the entertainment industry, Russell holds valuable knowledge and insight into creating visual effects pipeline tools and solutions. He earned his designation as a Deadline expert at Prime Focus, where he led the development efforts for the data and render farm management tool. Russell began his career leading the development of Deadline software at Frantic Films, a Canadian award-winning film, television and branded content production studio.



Director of Sales

Thinkbox Software Director of Sales Thomas Phariss helps companies solve high-performance computing problems. He connects clients across entertainment, engineering, architecture and design with powerful Thinkbox solutions like Deadline for high-volume compute management locally and on the cloud, standalone point mesher Sequoia and production-proven artist tools including Krakatoa, Frost and Stoke. Starting his career coordinating technical logistics at tradeshows and events such as SIGGRAPH, NAB and IBC for Universal Computer Systems and later AMD, Phariss discovered a passion for identifying and addressing potential pipeline issues before they become full-fledged pain points. Armed with extensive industry experience and a deep technical background, he works closely with studios of all sizes to provide solutions that align with each customer’s workflow. Prior to joining Thinkbox in 2012, he spent time in sales roles at BOXX and PipelineFX. Perpetually punctual, Phariss is based in Austin, TX and, when not travelling the globe for Thinkbox, can often be found working out of his RV in various U.S. National Parks.  



Lead Sequoia Developer

Mark Wiebe oversees the development of Thinkbox Software’s powerful standalone point cloud meshing application Sequoia. Since joining Thinkbox in 2014, Wiebe has been instrumental in preparing Sequoia for launch. Based in Vancouver, Wiebe came to Thinkbox from Continuum Analytics, where he focused on connecting the Python scientific computing and data science ecosystems in part through the creation of the open source DyND library. He also spent seven years as Director of R&D at Frantic Films where he helped initiate and guide the high-volume compute management solution Deadline, the particle renderer Krakatoa, and many more production-focused graphics technologies later acquired and supported by Thinkbox. His experience in native C++ and scientific Python development, and his unique approach to software architecture enable Wiebe and his team to tackle even the most ambitious feature requests. 


Thinkbox Software Head Office: 100 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y5, Canada