Welcome to Cinelab!

Cinelab is an editing application for your Windows 8 tablet or computer.   


There are some basics you should understand - a 'Clip' is a video file that you have on your device or available on Skydrive. It can be video that you take with the camera on your Microsoft Surface, or video shot from a Canon D5, or even movies you took on your Phone.

Cinelab functions in a similar fashion as the Start screen in Windows 8 - it's just designed around video clips rather than applications. 

Lets get Started!

When you first start Cinelab on your Windows 8 device, you will be greeted by a blank screen with a clip loader like so:

This is the main edit screen that you will be arranging your clips on

The screen area is for holding video clips – think of it as a storyboard with clips presented in order (1,2,3,4) across the top and 5,6,7 on the second row.

The black rectangle above is your clip loader. Pressing the (+) add clip button opens a file dialog, allowing you to easily select and load your video clips individually or as a group simply by selecting more than one clip in the file dialog. The 'Soccer Shoot' folder below is 1920*1080 HD footage from a Canon 5D. 

you can add up to 7 clips with the free version of Cinelab, or unlimited clips with a paid upgrade


Note: We currently support the following Codecs: DV, H264, MJPEG, MPEG 4 , WMV in the following Formats: .ASF, .WMA, .WMV, .MP4, .M4V, .MOV, .WAV, .AVI 

For best performance we recommend a maximum of 720p resolution for your clips although Cinelab supports higher resolutions.




Once you add clips, you can move them around and reorder them simply by dragging the clip with your finger. You can even move around the clip loader to place loaded clips immediately where they are needed.  

Drag and Drop clips to arrange them and pull down to Select and reveal the Trim bars which allow you to edit the clip.

If you tap a clip it will play, and show a scrub bar beneath that you can use to drag through your clip to preview it.  The slider across the bottom of the screen is a scrub bar for the current playlist:  either the set of selected clips, or, if no clips are selected, then all the clips.  In review mode, you can tap the screen to show this timeline scrub bar and play controls.

Pull down on the clip to select the clip. This reveals the trim bars which allow you to edit the IN and OUT points of your clip so you can trim and shorten the clip to get exactly the moment you need.

Feature: The further you drag your finger vertically away while trimming, the slower the trim bar moves – this allows you to cut right down to a single frame even on long clips!!

The play button on the canvas will let you review your clips which will playback in order from start to finish, respecting the trims and edits you have made. You can either preview as clips, playing back from one clip to the next, or in review mode which previews your edit full-screen.     

Note: Cinelab will only play back selected clips, or if none are selected – the entire sequence.

To see your entire movie, be sure to either have nothing or everything selected and if you want to preview a cut over 2 shots, you can just select those two to watch it.

To toggle between review (fullscreen) and edit mode (the view that shows the clips), tap the Review/Edit button.  You can also return to edit mode from review mode by using a pinching motion.


In edit mode, the bottom app bar can be brought up by swiping up, or right-clicking the background in non-touch mode. This reveals additional buttons for tasks you may want to perform. Only buttons for applicable tasks will display.

Switch Layout switches between the normal layout for edit mode (pages of clips, with clips on each page organized in a grid that reads left to right across rows), and an alternate layout consisting of a single long row of clips.


Clone duplicates the selected clips in the project, including their start and end trims, which can then be modified individually.  Clone is a great tool for when you want to use several parts of a clip or repeat a portion of a clip, possibly interspersed with other clips.

Select All and Clear Selection are, as you would expect, quick ways to change which clips are selected.

The Remove button removes the selected clips from the project, but does not delete the original file from the disk.  In fact, Cinelab never modifies the original files, so you can experiment all you want, confident that you will not lose footage.

In case you do do something you regret, Undo and Redo to the rescue!  Adding, removing, cloning and reordering clips are all operations that can be undone!

New, Load and Save are all project-oriented.  As of Release 6, Cinelab will prompt you to save if you click New or Load with unsaved changes, and Save now has the option of Save or Save As, if the project has already been saved once.

Make Movie can now be set to one of two behaviours in the Export Options settings:  it will either create the movie from all the clips (default) regardless of the selection, or you can choose the export to include only the selected clips.  As a helpful reminder, the Make Movie button background will turn blue when set to export only selected clips.  This setting is saved from session to session, so you can leave it set to your favourite setting.

While you are rendering you can continue to refine your edit!! 

That’s it!

We are very excited to bring this editing tool to a touch platform. We have a lot of experience making movies – some of the largest blockbusters of all time, in fact, and we look forward to seeing the short movies you make with Cinelab!! 

Thanks from all of us at the Thinkbox Software team! 

Please join the Cinelab Forums to comment, request features or ask questions.

email support@thinkboxsoftware.com if you have any problems