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Built in Deadline, Made for Pipelines

Draft streamlines your workflow by automatically processing your renders for review and by connecting with your production management system to tag your videos.

You can generate your thumbnails, contact strips, and multiple resolution videos all at the same time. You can use Draft to create simple edits, add frame counters, annotations, and even composite images.

No more accidentally putting the wrong version on the slate! No more waiting for review quicktimes to be made! Draft uses a pre-defined python script to process your renders into what you need, pulling information directly from your database, and is launched on Deadline automatically when your render completes.

Draft is designed to take over the tasks that artists spend far too much time doing each day.

Make art, not QuickTimes


Key features 

  • Automatically renders a to a variety of formats as needed, including images and videos in the same job
  • Resizes, composites, and converts images
  • Text annotation system that renders slates and templates for video clips
  • Supports video formats such as H.264 and MPEG4, with more to come!
  • Generates slates using metadata provided from a production management database such as Shotgun Software
  • Automatically prepares renders for editorial without any user intervention
  • Offers endless customization to generate tailored video assets through an expressive Python API