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External Krakatoa Resources

Fusion CI - San Diego SeaWorld Commercial

The following commercial uses Krakatoa particles driven by FumeFX simulations:

Fusion CI Vimeo Video Page

Weareflink - Troublemarker - CCTV "INK" Film

The following amazing film and making-of video feature Krakatoa in conjunction with FumeFX as used in a production for the Chinese Television:

Weareflink CCTV Ink Minisite Camtasia Movies

The following videos were recorded using Krakatoa v1.0.0 at the "Frantic Films Software Mansion" in San Diego, CA on the Monday before Siggraph. They show the basics of the Krakatoa UI and workflows and some advanced features as presented during the following week at the Frantic Films Siggraph Booth.

StudioDaily Krakatoa Click-Thru Tutorials

RFLabs : RealFlow and Krakatoa Data Exchange

The following article on the NextLimit RealFlow site discusses the basic steps of moving particle data between RealFlow and 3dsMax and the other way round using Krakatoa and the RealFlow 4 BIN file format.

RFLabs Krakatoa Article

Steven Caron : XSI 7 ICE PRT Exporter

The following link lets you download Steven Caron's PRT Exporter plug-in:

AREA Plugin Download

Matthias Müller : YouTube Videos

The following link leads to the YouTube page of Matthias Müller containing some amazing abstract animation using Krakatoa:

MatthiasmVideos Page

LotsOfParticles : Bobo's Blog

The following link leads to the Blog of Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, the Krakatoa User Interface / MAXScript Tools developer.

LotsOfParticles Blog

Krakatoa Thread On CGTalk

The following external link leads to the dedicated Krakatoa thread on CGTalk, CG-Society's Forums.

Krakatoa Thread On CGTalk