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Frost Production Showcase

The following page showcases Frost as used by our valued customers in real-world production.

Visual Effects

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (2012) - Blur Studios

Blur Studios created the highly-lauded opening title sequence for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” using XMesh and Frost for every fluid shot that makes up the two-and-a-half minute clip.

Please see this article for more details.


"Final Destination 5" (2011) - Prime Focus VFX

Frost was used together with Krakatoa and Naiad fluid simulations for water and blood splashes.

In the following videos courtesy of Jon Mitchell and posted on YouTube by Cebas VT, the bridge was simulated using Thinking Particles and cached completely using Thinkbox' XMesh to speed up render iterations. Frost and Krakatoa were used for render the Naiad splashes as pieces of the bridge hit the water. The large-area water surface was generated using Thinkbox' Bermuda (formerly Flood:Surf)


"Sucker Punch" (2011) - Prime Focus VFX

Frost (Beta) was used to create raindrops on the car in the opening sequence (click here for YouTube video), including the movie's title forming from flowing water on the car's window (the original car sequence was significantly longer - see further below). 

Here is a portion of the shot that was cut from the final movie, showing the front of the car before panning to the side and revealing the title. All the water droplets were simulated with Particle Flow, including the interaction with the wipers, and then meshed with Frost. Click thumbnail to see full resolution:

Mark Theriault, the TD responsible for the shot, posted a breakdown of the original uncut sequence on VIMEO - be sure to watch in full screen and HD:


Further Visual Effects Projects Using Frost

"Dragonball : Evolution" (2009) - Prime Focus VFX

Frost (formerly PRT Mesher) was used to create the gooey insides of the FuLum monsters.

"Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D" (2008) - Frantic Films

Frost (formerly PRT Mesher) was originally designed as a component of the FLOOD fluid simulation to mesh SPH-simulated particles for splashes and was used in the underground sea sequence for the interaction of animated creatures with the water.



O2 "Refresh" (2012) - KORB 

O2 Refresh (Director's cut) from KORB on Vimeo.


Cartier "Winter Tale" (2012) - Unit Image

Unit Image used Frost to create the snow cover in their award-winning ad for Cartier.


Watch the Making Of video to see the snow cover generation around minute 1:05:



Skrillex "WeAreMusic" (2012) - Pixomondo

Pixomondo  collaborated on a TV spot featuring liquid metal pulsating to the music of Best New Artist Grammy-award Nominee Skrillex. It was produced as part of the "We Are Music" campaign.

For the full article, please visit 3D World Magazine's website.


Animation Festival Entries

PAUSE (2011) - Ian Clemmer


Tests, Demos and Personal Projects

Lava Carving -Naiad- (2013) - Thomas Marqué

A very creative use of Naiad temperature and viscosity channels in conjunction with Krakatoa MX Magma for shader distribution, Frost for meshing and V-Ray for rendering.

Also check out the underwater cooling of lava into rock in this video using the same approach.


Splash Swirl (2013) - Carlos "Grury" Santos

A beautiful experiment with RealFlow 2012 DSplines, meshed with Frost and rendered in V-Ray.

Splash Swirl from Carlos "Grury" Santos on Vimeo.  


Naiad Waterfall Test (2013) - Adam Guzowski / Evermotion

Based on the Naiad Waterfall Krakatoa test, Adam pushed Frost to mesh up to 180 million particles, producing impressive 130+ million polygons in under 9 minutes/frame.

Frost TEST 001 from Adam Guzowski on Vimeo.

Yogurt and Honey (2012) - Carlos "Grury" Santos

A tasty RealFlow 5 fluid simulation meshes using Frost and rendered in V-Ray.


Shower (2012) - Jignesh Jariwala

A refreshing fluid simulation created using 3DAliens' Glu3D GPU Beta, exported to PRT and meshed using Frost.

Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Water Simulation by Jignesh Jariwala, textured head with morph targets by Sri Ram. 

For more details, please visit the VIMEO page of the video.


Matthias Mueller Frost Tests (2011)


For even more FROST videos, be sure to visit the Frost Love group on VIMEO.