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Installing Frost on a Workstation

Double-click the installer file, FrostMX-*.msi
Note that Frost ships as
  • a 32 bit installer for 3ds Max 2010 to 3ds Max 2013 32 bit, and 
  • a 64 bit installer for 3ds Max 2010 to 3ds Max 2016 64 bit.
The Frost installer dialog should appear:
Click Next to start the installation.
Read the EULA.
If you accept the license, check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement"  press Next to continue.
Review the default installation path, or press Change... to pick an alternative installation location. 
Press Next when you are ready to continue.
Press Install when ready.
If one or more instances of 3dsmax.exe are found to be running, a Files In Use dialog will appear, allowing you to attempt to close the applications, or ignore them, but reboot the computer after installing Frost.
You can also close the 3ds Max instances manually.
If the above dialog appeared, press OK to continue after making a decision via the radio buttons.

Wait for the installation to copy all files.
Review all paths browse to the 3ds Max install to which you wish to add Frost.
The list will show the supported 3ds Max versions and their installation paths.
You can uncheck any versions you don't want Frost to be added to.
If a version of 3ds Max is not found on the machine, it will be grayed out.
Press OK to continue.
Press OK to continue.
Press Finish to complete the installation.
Now is a good time to configure your Frost license, before you start 3ds Max.