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Frost Licensing

FROST can use the following types of licenses:
If you do not have a license file, then FROST will run in a limited Demo mode.
Floating Licenses (Server-based)
A floating license requires a license server to be set up. The license server allows the use of FROST on multiple workstations. This topic discusses the installation of a floating license obtained from Thinkbox.
A node-locked licenses is valid only on a single system. This topic discusses the installation of such a license obtained from Thinkbox.

Running Frost in Demo Mode

FROST provides a feature-limited DEMO mode which can be used to evaluate the features and performance of the plugin for an unlimited period of time.

The following limitations apply:

  • No shaded polygons will be generated in the viewport – instead, the mesh will be displayed in wireframe mode similar to the way gizmos and icons are drawn.
  • No geometry will be generated when rendering – you will be able to preview FROST only in wireframe mode in the viewports
  • No modifiers can be added to the FROST geometry – due to the way the viewport geometry is displayed, adding modifiers will make the preview mesh invisible. When using a valid license, most geometry modifiers will be supported.
  • No Materials and Maps display – due to the nature of the viewport preview mode, materials cannot be displayed in Demo mode. By extension, Vertex Color Channel and Mapping Coordinates cannot be previewed in Demo mode. They are fully supported in Licensed mode.

Rendering Frost on the Network

FROST provides UNLIMITED network rendering as long as the scene being rendered has been saved with a licensed version of the product. A scene saved with the DEMO version of FROST will NOT render on the network.

Supplementary Documentation

FROST uses FlexNet Publisher licensing by Flexera Software to manage its licenses. Supplementary documentation on FlexNet licensing for end users is available on the Flexera website: