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FROST is a compound geometry object for 3ds Max that can be used to generate a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds, object positions, point data files or a combination thereof using various iso-surface and geometry cloning techniques. 
Version 2.0.10 supports the 64 bit builds of 3ds Max 2012, 3ds Max 2013, 3ds Max 2014, 3ds Max 2015, 3ds Max 2016, and 3ds Max 2017.
To download the latest build or older versions, please visit the Frost Downloads page.
Version 2.0.x requires a new v2.0 license.  If you have an older license, you will need to request an updated license.
Network rendering requires no additional license. The 3ds Max scene to be rendered must be saved with a valid workstation license of Frost though.
To purchase a Frost license or request a full-featured Evaluation license for 15 days, please use the form on the Sales page.

Visit the Frost Production Showcase page to see more videos of Frost used by our customers on real-world projects.


Frost MY beta is now available!

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Topics Index



License Server Configuration (for floating licenses only)

Workstation Configuration (for node-locked and floating licenses)

Release History

Using Frost

Creating a Frost Object

The Frost Viewport Icon

Particle Sources

Meshing Modes

Controlling The Particle Size

Data Channel Interpolation

Motion Blur Modes

Frost Presets

Frost Reference


Frost Dialog Boxes

Particle File Formats

Frost Production Showcase

Frost Tutorials

First Steps in Frost

Exploring Frost Particle Sources and Meshing Modes

Using the AutoFrost Feature

Geometry Meshing Mode

Controlling Geometry Animation

Combining Frost And Krakatoa

Geometry To Voxel Grid Conversion 

Snow Cover Using Frost and Krakatoa 

Krakatoa MX 2, Realflow and Frost

Frost Pre-Release Teasers

Frost (Heart) Krakatoa

Frost (Heart) Max Modifier Stack

Frost (Heart) Particle Flow

Frost (Heart) Lidar

Frost (Heart) Graphite Object Paint

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Using Genome To Conform Frost To The Particle Cloud