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Genome Advanced Workflows

This section shows some advanced workflows that incorporate Genome as part of the solution.

Baking Data Into Particles

This example shows how MAXScript and Krakatoa in evaluation mode can be used to store on disk any data in the form of a point cloud. Genome is then used to sample the particles from a PRT Loader and reconstruct the data on the mesh. In this particular example, we will bake dynamic lighting to vertex colors and save as PRT sequence, then apply the vertex colors back using Genome.

Calculating Vertex Velocities

This example shows some workflows for calculating the velocity of vertices using a time-offset reference object. Similar results can be achieved also using the XMesh geometry caching system or directly from FROST.

Conforming FROST To Particles

Thinkbox Software's FROST is often used to convert a point cloud, for example a LIDAR data set, to a mesh. Unfortinately, the resulting mesh does not pass through the original surface represented by the particles, but is offset by as much as the meshing Radius value. This example demonstrates the use of Genome to improve the result fromt he FROST meshing by adjusting the vertex positions to fit the particle cloud.