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Deformation Genome Modifiers


A significant part of the geometry modifiers shipping with 3ds Max are deformation modifiers. They include Bend, Twist, Taper, Skew, Stretch, Melt, Spherify and more.

The Genome modifier can be used to reproduce these modifiers, but more importantly, new modifiers can be implemented that generate completely new deformations not available in 3ds Max.

Some Examples

Push Modifier Recreation (Beginner)

Limited Push Modifier (Intermediate)

Conform To Surface (Intermediate)


Noise Modifier (Intermediate)

Bulge Deformation Modifier (Advanced) 

Screw Deformation Modifier (Advanced)

More 3ds Max Modifiers Recreated Using Genome

Genome Twist Modifier

Genome Skew Modifier

Genome Spherify Modifier

Genome Ripple Modifier

Genome Wave Modifier

Genome Bend Modifier

Genome Morph Modifier

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