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Genome Index

First Steps



Evalaution And Licensing

Genome MacroScripts

Iteration Modes

Magma Editor Overview

Genome Magma Operators

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Genome - Some Examples

Selection Modifiers

Select Vertex By Normal - Beginner

Select Faces By Area - Beginner

Face To Vertex Selection - Beginner

Select By Time - Beginner

Select Faces By Index - Intermediate

Select Faces By Camera - Intermediate

Select By Surface Distance - Intermediate

Volume Select - Intermediate

Select by Texture Map - Intermediate

Select Faces By Element Volume - Intermediate

Deformation Modifiers

Push Modifier Recreation - Beginner

Limited Push Modifier - Intermediate

Conform To Surface Modifier - Intermediate

Noise Modifier - Intermediate

Bulge Deformation Modifier - Advanced

Screw Deformation Modifier (Bulge Part 2) - Advanced

Genome Twist Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Skew Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Spherify Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Ripple Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Wave Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Bend Modifier (Recreation Example)

Genome Morph Modifier (Recreation Example)

Mapping Deformation Modifiers

Planar Mapping Distortion (Beginner)

Planar Mapping Swirl (Intermediate)

Data Conversion Modifiers

UV To Vertex Color Conversion - Beginner

XYZ Position To Color Conversion - Beginner

Selection To Color Conversion - Beginner

VertexIndex To Color Converion - Intermediate

Texture To Face Color - Intermediate

Mesh Data Sampling Modifiers

UVs From A Plane - Beginner

Particle Data Sampling Modifiers

Select By Particle Velocity Sum - Intermediate

Particle Depression - Advanced

Loops And Iterations

Grow Face Selection - Intermediate

Advanced Workflows

Baking Data Into Particles

Calculating Vertex Velocities

Conforming Frost To Particles