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Genome Evaluation And Licensing

Authoring Mode

Genome only requires a license to run in Authoring mode.

In Authoring Mode, the user can 

  • Create new Genome modifiers
  • Copy or Instance existing Genome modifiers from one scene object to another
  • Load MagmaFlow Presets
  • Reset the existing flow
  • Create new operator nodes
  • Delete existing operator nodes
  • Replace existing operator nodes (change operator type)
  • Connect and disconnect operators
  • Change the number of input and output sockets in an operator node
  • Create and explode BlackOp compound operator nodes
  • Copy and Paste operator nodes within the Editor or between Editors 

A license will only be acquired when the user opens the Editor. If all Genome modifiers are deleted from the scene, for example by calling File > Reset, the license will be released.

A license must be requested explicitly when using MAXScript to create and edit Genome modifiers. The license can be acquired by calling GenomeGlobalInterface.AcquireLicense(). After this call, the license can only be released by restarting 3ds Max.

Any number of 3ds Max instances can be opened at the same time on the same machine using only one Genome license.

License-Free Mode

Genome can be installed on any number of machines without additional licenses.

Existing Genome modifiers will evaluate without a license in both Workstation and Network Rendering mode. This means that no licenses are required to open existing scenes using Genome modifiers, or to render using Deadline, Backburner or other network managers. 

When running Genome without a license, existing modifiers will be in a Read-Only mode and will not be editable.

The following limitations apply: 

  • Existing modifiers cannot be copied from one object to another
  • The existing flow cannot be reset
  • New operator nodes cannot be created
  • Existing operator nodes cannot be deleted
  • Existing operator nodes cannot be replaced (no operator type switching)
  • Connections between existing operator nodes cannot be created nor deleted
  • The number of input and output sockets cannot be changed
  • New node properties cannot be added
  • BlackOp compound operators cannot be created or exploded
  • Preset flows cannot be loaded from disk
  • Operator nodes cannot be copied inside the same Editor or between Editors
  • MAXScript operations involving the above operations will have no effect.

Note that existing properties can be modified, InputValue nodes can be changed and animated and default values of node inputs can be changed.

Evaluation License

Thinkbox Software will gladly provide anyone interested with a full-featured Evaluation license for a period of two weeks.

The Evaluation license will have no limitations.