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Genome Particle Depressions (WIP)

The following example takes a PRT Loader saved from Particle Flow and selects the vertices of the collision plane according to the distance to the closest particle. The resulting selection is then used to Push the vertices to produce depressions in the "ground". 

  • Steps TBD 

RESULT: As the particles fall to the ground, they produce matching depressions:

The left image shows frame 100 where all particles are already on the groud. The right image shows just the Plane and the PRT Loader without the particle mesh to reveal the depressions in the ground:


Arbitrary Shaped Particles

The above example works well with spheres since the falloff from a point particle is spherical. But if the particles have an arbitrary shape, it might not be very useful.

Here is an alternative approach which does not fall directly into Particle Data Sampling since it uses the actual mesh of the particles - either a Mesher compound object made from the Particle Flow, or a Frost particle mesher assigning the shapes on the fly. 

  • Steps TBD 

RESULT: As the mesh particles approach the surface, the IntersectRay will find the hit point and compare the distance to the threshold. If the mesh has penetrated the surface, the vertex selection will be set to the penetration distance. Thus, a Push modifier with a value of 1.0 will push the surface as much as the penetration was (left image). The right image shows the depressions without the Frost mesh:


And here is the side view of the plane with the depressions visible below it: 

Adding a Relax modifier with value of 1.0 and 10 iterations and scaling the Soft Selection value by a factor of 2.0 to allow for the relax to curve around the objects without intersecting them much produces a smoother depression in the ground: 


This works, of course, with any shapes since we are ray-tracing the geometry from every vertex: 

Note: As mentioned already, Genome is history-independent. This means that if your particles are set to BOUNCE off the plane multiple times before coming to rest, their depressions would come and go as they move around. To solve this, you would have to spawn a static particle on each collision and send the spawned particles to a new event. These particles will be the "stand-ins" for the imprints and should be meshed separately to be raytraced by Genome.