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Genome Selection Modifiers


3ds Max ships with a few Mesh Selection Modifiers, including MeshSelect, VolumeSelect, and the various TurnTo... modifiers. The latter provide procedural inversion of the incoming selection on the stack.

The MeshSelect modifer is an explicit selection modifier which stores lists of selected sub-object items, while VolumeSelect is a procedural selection modifier which can use a gizmo, a mesh volume, a texture map or a face property like Material ID to select sub-object items dynamically. Obviously, the former does not support changing topoligy, while the latter does.

In production though, there are often cases where a selection is required based on other factors, including various vertex mapping channels, normals, face area, viewer's position and so on. 3ds Max provides some static tools in the Graphite modeling toolset for creating such selections, but there is no procedural modifier to produce the same results. 

Genome allows a large number of custom vertex and face selection modifiers to be developed from scratch to solve various practical problems. In addition, thanks to its fast geometry and particle lookup operators, it can provide procedural selections by external data that are not possible with other 3ds Max tools.

Some Examples

Select Vertex By Normal (Beginner)

Select Faces By Area (Beginner)


Face To Vertex Selection (Beginner)

Select By Time (Beginner)

Select Faces By Index (Intermediate) 

Select Faces By Camera (Intermediate)

Vertex Selection By Surface Distance (Intermediate)

Genome Volume Selection (Intermediate) 

Genome Select By Texture Map (Intermediate)

Select Faces By Element Volume (Intermediate) 

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