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UV To Vertex Color Conversion

The Genome modifier was desigend to read and write channels and perform operations on the mesh data, so it is perfectly suited for covering most data conversion cases.

In this simplest example, we will simply copy one existing Mapping channel into another. 

  • Start a new 3ds Max scene
  • Create a Teapot primitive with Radius of 40.0 and 16 segments.
  • Add a Genome modifier to the stack 
  • Switch the Iteration Mode to "Face Corners" - we will be dealing with mapping coordinates output, so we have to go by map faces and their vertices instead of mesh vertices.
  • Press the "Open Magma Editor" button.
  • Press Ctrl+[O] to add a new Output channel node. Make sure it is set to "Color".
  • With the Output node still selected, press SHIFT+[M] to create and connect a TextureCoord (M stands for "Mapping") input channel.
  • Right-click the Teapot in the scene and select "Object Properties" from the QuadMenu.
  • Check "Vertex Channel Display" and make sure Vertex Color is selected and the Shaded button is checked.
  • Press OK on the Object Properties dialog. 

RESULT: The Mapping Channel 1 (TextureCoord) is now copied into Mapping Channel 0 (Vertex Color).

Since the Color channel is just like all the other 100 mapping channels, the same setup could be used to dynamically copy one mapping channel into another. 3ds Max only provides a static modifier for copying channel data within an object using the Channel Info utility. Genome can perform the copying on each frame and update all changes from the source channel in the target channel.


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