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Krakatoa Emitter Source

Last edited on April 20, 2016


The Krakatoa renderer requires scene objects that can generate particles to provide a Krakatoa-compatible particle stream with all data to be rendered.

The Krakatoa Emitter Source object implements the conversion of CINEMA 4D legacy Emitter particles to a Krakatoa-compatible particle stream.



To create a new Krakatoa Emitter Source, select the Menu > Plugins > Krakatoa > Krakatoa Emitter Source item.


User Interface

Basic Tab

The Basic tab implements the regular CINEMA 4D object controls and does not contain any Krakatoa-specific settings.

Coord. Tab

The Coord. tab implements the regular CINEMA 4D Transformation controls.

Setup Tab

The Setup tab contains the standard Krakatoa Particle Source controls available in all Krakatoa objects.

Emitter Tab 

Emitter Object picker 

  • Provides the Emitter object to send to Krakatoa for rendering.

 Channels Panel 

  • Provides a list of source channels.
  • All but "BirthPosition" are checked by default.
  • When a channel name is checked, it will be made available in the object and can be accessed by the renderer.
  • When "BirthPosition" is checked, the Krakatoa Emitter Source will generate a BirthPosition channel on the fly, containing on all later frames the position the particle was born at.