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Krakatoa MY Licensing


By default, Krakatoa for Maya uses FlexNet to distribute floating "krakatoa-maya" and "krakatoa-render" licenses.

The license manager is compatible with the licensing management of Maya itself, but requires a separateThinkbox license file and the thinkbox daemon.

Please consult the Thinkbox Installation Guide for details.

License Types and Behavior 

"krakatoa-maya" Workstation License

A "krakatoa-maya" workstation license allows the interactive use of Krakatoa inside of Maya, including the interactive rendering, PRT files saving, and Maya Batch background rendering within Maya.

No additional "krakatoa-render" license is needed in workstation mode.

This Krakatoa MY workstation license is Maya-specific and is not compatible with Krakatoa MX workstation, Krakatoa C4D workstation, or Krakatoa SR licenses.

It is possible to request a "krakatoa-maya" license as node-locked, but this is not recommended. A node-locked license can only be used on a single machine and cannot be shared between workstations.

"krakatoa-render" Network Rendering License

A "krakatoa-render" network rendering license allows the rendering with Maya Batch outside of Maya, typically on network render nodes controlled by a network manager like Autodesk Backburner or Thinkbox Deadline.

The "krakatoa-render" license is universal and compatible with Krakatoa SR, and with Krakatoa MX and Krakatoa C4D in network rendering mode.

In addition to acquiring a "krakatoa-render" floating license from the license manager, when running in network rendering mode, Krakatoa MY will also check whether a "krakatoa-maya" license line exists in the license file, but will NOT acquire one. In other words, a "krakatoa-maya" license must have been purchased for the "krakatoa-render" licenses to work with Maya network rendering, but it will not be checked out (used up). Thus, you can have one workstation and ten network licenses and the latter will function even if the one workstation license is currently in use. You cannot purchase ten network licenses without a workstation license and use Krakatoa MY.

License Acquisition And Release

A "krakatoa-maya" workstation license is acquired when the Krakatoa renderer is first used inside of Maya to render an image, or when the PRT Saver utility is used to save PRT files.

The license will be held for the complete Maya session and returned when the Maya application is closed.

Installing And Setting Up The License Manager

The licensing tools are currently NOT included in the Krakatoa MY installer. They can be downloaded from here. This download includes the thinkbox daemon.

For the license manager installation instructions on Microsoft Windows, please see here.

For the license manager installation instructions on Linux, please see here.


FAQ: How do I specify the license server on multiple render nodes without opening Maya?

In order to license Krakatoa without opening up Maya and entering the information manually, you will need to set the following environment variable on the computers:

where @my_license_server is the actual name of your license server.
Krakatoa looks for that environment variable to determine the license server. This only needs to be done once, as it will remember the server next time you load Maya.