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Krakatoa MY 2.6.3 Release Notes

  • Minor bug fixes.

Krakatoa MY 2.6.2 Release Notes

New Features
  • Added Uniform Random Magma operator
  • Added Uniform Vector Random Magma operator
  • Added Uniform on Sphere Magma operator
  • Added Gaussian Random Magma operator
  • Added Weibull Random Magma operator
  • Added Triangle Random Magma operator
  • Added Exponential Random Magma operator
  • Added Phase input to Noise and Vector Noise magma operators
  • Exposed mipmap scaling for custom bokeh effects
  • Added an option to explicitly allocate the BokehBlendInfluence channel
  • Added support for Mel's dirmap command in the PRTLoader
  • Fixed an issue where light attenuation maps were sometimes missing slices of particles in Maya 2017
  • Fixed an issue where PRTSurface and PRTVolume nodes would sometimes not automatically connect to selected meshes on creation

Krakatoa MY 2.6.0 Release Notes

  • Added support for Maya 2017
  • Removed support for Maya 2013
  • Added adaptive motion blur
  • Added anamorphic squeeze, bokeh shape maps, and bokeh blend map options for rendering DOF
  • Added a birth channel generator utility for generating "sticky" channels
  • Added an "IgnoreBackfaces" input to the NearestPoint and IntersectRay Magma operators
  • Added support for OpenGLCoreProfile and DirectX11 viewport 2.0 modes
  • Added optimizations to the number of render threads
  • Added optimizations to the partitioning of particles for multiple threads when rendering with DOF
  • Added a version number in the Krakatoa UI\
  • Added the generation of color channels from vertex colors to the PRTVolume and PRTSurface
  • Fixed playback and timeline scrubbing when using parallel and serial dependency graph evaluation modes in Windows and OS X
  • Fixed an issue where Maya particles couldn't be rendered in Maya 2016 on Linux
  • Fixed the exporting of PRT files via Deadline
  • Fixed incorrect alpha channels when saving to EXR



Krakatoa MY 2.4.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where Magma nodes and modifiers weren't properly being cleaned up on delete.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the PRT Export code that was causing files to appear in incorrect locations.
  • Improved partitioning over Deadline by supporting more of the export options
  • Added various sanity checks for troubleshooting Deadline exporting issues.
  • Improved PRT Volume and PRT Surface texture coordinate output.

Krakatoa MY 2.4.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a performance issue that was causing very slow renders on computers that have a lot of memory (over 4 GB).
  • Support for LAS LIDAR point file format.
  • Added support for the "unit" metadata for RealFlow BIN file format, and fixed a regression from last release that was causing incorrectly rotated BIN files.
    • Note: If users were previously using BIN files that were not in meters, the scale of the points will change in this release. To compensate, users may want to add a scale directly to the PRT Loader object.
  • Added support for upcoming Frost for Maya release. Made required internal for Frost to use Krakatoa particle objects.