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Krakatoa Camera Modifier

  Available in: Krakatoa v1.1.0 and higher


  • The Krakatoa Camera modifier can be added to any Camera or Light object in 3ds Max
  • It provides override controls to set a Camera or Light's view to Perspective, Ortho or Spherical Lens camera, override the Field Of View value and specify an f-stop value for Depth Of Field calculations.


  • The Override Lens Type checkbox controls whether the Lens Type of the underlying camera will be changed or not. When checked, the camera can be switched to one of the following modes:
    • Perspective Lens
    • Ortho Lens
    • Spherical Lens (default).
  • The Override Field Of View checkbox controls whether the Field Of View angle in degrees of the underlying camera will be changed or not. When checked, the field of view can be specified in the range from 0.1 to 360.0 degrees. When using Perspective and Ortho lenses, you should use values up to 180 degrees. The value is animatable. Default is 180.0 degrees.
  • The Override Depth Of Field checkbox controls whether the f-stop value will be specified and the camera would render Depth Of Field effects or not. When checked, the f-stop value can be specified and optionally animated. Default is 2.0.
  • The Apply Sub-Pixel Offset checkbox enables a fine-tuning mechanism which can be used to offset the Krakatoa output by up to 1 pixel left, right, up or down to better match other renderer's projections. Both spinners default to 0.0 (no offset).
 Example: To match the Krakatoa Spherical Camera output to a Cebas finalRender fisheye camera, 
 you have to enter 1.0 in the Offset Y field, while leaving Offset X at 0.0
  • All spinners provide [>>] Preset buttons with some typical values. The current value can also be added to the Presets list or Removed from the list if already on it. These function similar to the [>>] Preset buttons found in the Krakatoa GUI.