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Krakatoa MX: 3ds Max Integration

This chapter discusses the components of 3ds Max supported by Krakatoa MX.

Supported 3ds Max Objects and Properties

Krakatoa for 3ds Max uses all particle systems currently available in the application, as well as some other object types like geometry objects, FumeFX simulations etc. Not all their properties and data channels are supported though. This topic provides a reference of the objects and properties that work with Krakatoa.

Supported Cameras and Lights

Krakatoa for 3ds Max uses standard 3ds Max Cameras and Lights to view and illuminate the particles in the scene. Not all properties and not all object types are fully supported, so this topic provides a list of what works and what is ignored.

Supported Materials

Krakatoa for 3ds Max uses the existing materials and maps system of 3ds Max to control aspects of the particle shading (Color, Emission, Absorption, Density, Specular Power, Specular Level), but not all materials, maps and their properties are supported. This topic lists the Materials, Maps and properties that have effect on Krakatoa.