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Krakatoa C4D Tutorials

  • First Steps in Krakatoa C4D

    A basic introduction to volumetric particle rendering, this tutorial demonstrates the creation, lighting and rendering of half a million particles using a simple Sphere primitive and the Krakatoa PRT Volume object.

  • Krakatoa C4D Saving, Loading And Partitioning

    This tutorial demonstrates the basic workflows related to caching CINEMA 4D particles to particle file sequences and introduces the user to Krakatoa's ability to increase particle counts via Partitioning (saving of multiple variations of the same simulation), and Repopulation (render-time generation of new particles based on a low-count guide system).

  • Krakatoa C4D Baking Particle Lighting

    This intermediate level tutorial discusses the ability of Krakatoa to bake lighting information in the cached PRT files and to load the pre-lit particles for faster rendering. It also demonstrates ways to remap the lighting to produce different variations of the same asset without the need to illuminate the particles at render time.