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Krakatoa MX - Introduction and Setup

Krakatoa MX: Introduction And Setup


The following topics will introduce you to Krakatoa and help you find out whether your hardware is good enough for massive particle rendering. The last topic will guide you through the steps required to install Krakatoa on your system and add it to the plugins list of your 3ds Max version(s).

What Is Krakatoa?

This topic discusses the purpose of Krakatoa's existence and the major features it provides.

Short Krakatoa History

This topic looks back at the history of the Krakatoa development.

System Requirements

This topic provides information about the hardware and software requirements of Krakatoa.

Installation and licensing

The following topics discuss the installation of Krakatoa and the FlexLM licensing system, the use of temporary Evaluation license and the permanent but limited Evaluation mode, the difference between node-locked and floating licenses and the troubleshooting of common licensing problems:

Installing Krakatoa for 3ds Max on a Workstation

This topic will guide through the steps of the Krakatoa installation.

licensing and Evaluation Mode

This topic discusses the Floating and Node-Locked types of licenses, the 15 Days Evaluation License for test-driving Krakatoa with all features enabled, and the time-unlimited but feature-limited Evaluation Mode which lets you try Krakatoa immediately without a license.

Installing Krakatoa On Render Nodes

This topic describes how to make Krakatoa work on the render nodes of a render farm.


This topic provides help with troubleshooting the Krakatoa installation and license.

Setting Up And Accessing Krakatoa in 3ds Max

The following topics will guide you through the customization of the 3ds Max User Interface and help you locate the Krakatoa renderer and its other elements in 3ds Max.

Krakatoa MacroScripts - Krakatoa Menu and Toolbar

This topic discusses the MacroScripts installed by Krakatoa to speed up access to various Krakatoa features through the 3ds Max Customize User Interface options (Menus, Toolbars, QuadMenus and Keyboard Shortcuts)

Configuring the Renderer

This topic explains how to make Krakatoa the current renderer in 3ds Max and how access its User Interface and settings

3ds Max Settings

This topic describes the 3ds Max settings that might require tweaking to ensure the best possible performance of Krakatoa