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Krakatoa MX Materials And Maps


Standard Material Support in Krakatoa

Krakatoa supports the Standard Material 3ds Max as a primary source of particle channels including Color, Emission, Absortpion, Density, SpecularLevel and SpecularPower.

Krakatoa Material

The dedicated Krakatoa material provides only the relevant Krakatoa channels including Color, Emission, Absorption and Density, with the ability to override only specific channels. Additional options to calculate raytraced reflections of Matte Objects, Atmospheric effects and Environment map added in Krakatoa MX 2 make it the go-to solution for advanced rendering effects.


Krakatoa support the bitmap texture and most procedural texture maps available in 3ds Max when used inside of Standard or Krakatoa Materials. The following map required additional support from Krakatoa to produce usable results:

Falloff Map Support in Krakatoa

Krakatoa provides dedicated support for some of the Falloff map modes by supplying the shading context with the necessary data.