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Krakatoa MX and MAXScript

MAXScript Access to Krakatoa

The Krakatoa for 3ds Max User Interface and a lot of the tools shipping with the plugin have been implemented using MAXScript, the built-in programming language of 3ds Max. Because of that, nearly every feature of Krakatoa is also accessible to 3rd party scripts via the Interfaces, properties and methods listed in this topic.

Krakatoa Scripted GUI - Overview

This topic discusses the MAXScript implementation of the Krakatoa User Interface.

PRT Loader MAXScript Exposure

The PRT Loader object is also a hybrid plug-in consisting of a core plug-in class implementing all the loading, culling and deformation modifier support functionality. This core plug-in class is then extended by a Scripted Geometry Plugin class which provides the whole User Interface visible in the Command Panel. This topic discusses the PRT Loader properties accessible to 3rd party scripts.

MAXScript Access To Magma 2

The completely refactored Magma 2 channel editing sub-system is now fully exposed to MAXScript, including all node creating, editing, connecting and deleting operations.

KrakatoaParticleOStream - Writing PRT Files using MAXScript

The KrakatoaParticleOStream interface provides means for creating PRT files and writing particle data to them, one particle at a time. This approach can be very useful for generating of arbitrary particle data using custom MAXScripts. Examples in this topic also include a 3ds Max Hair converter.

KrakatoaParticleIStream - Reading Particle Streams using MAXScript

The KrakatoaParticleIStream interface provides methods for reading data from PRT Loader, PRT Volume and PRT FumeFX objects' top-of-the-stack particle data stream. This could be used to develop tools for exploring particle data (the Particle Data Viewer in Krakatoa is such a script), converting particle streams by reading the data, modifying it and writing back using the KrakatoaParticleOStream interface methods described above and so on.

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