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Krakatoa MX Modifiers

Below is the list of the various 3ds Max Modifiers included in Krakatoa.

Krakatoa Camera Modifier

This modifier is used to override various camera properties including Projection, Depth of Field and Sub-Pixel offset

Krakatoa PRT Cloner Modifier

The PRT Cloner modifier can be used to replace each incoming particle with the particles of another PRT object.

Krakatoa Delete Modifier

This modifier lets you delete particles based on their Selection or Soft-Selection value set in the Selection channel via a Krakatoa Channels Modifier or a Volume Select modifier.

Krakatoa Magma Modifier and Krakatoa SpaceMagma WSM

Since v2.0.0, the Krakatoa Magma modifier replaces the Krakatoa Channels Modifier and exposes the Magma 2 channel editing system to the modifier stack. Starting with v2.5.0, a World Space Modifier version of the Magma Modifier is also available.

Krakatoa SkinWrap World Space Modifier

This World Space Modifier allows the deformation of particle clouds of geometry vertices based on an animated reference mesh used as deformation lattice.

Modifier Stack Saving and Loading

Two MacroScripts shipping with Krakatoa allow the saving and loading of whole modifier stacks for easier transfer of Krakatoa Channel Modifiers and other setups between objects and scenes.

Krakatoa Channels Modifier (Deprecated)

This modifier was used to apply channel editing operations to PRT objects in Krakatoa v1.5.0 to v1.6.x. It has been replaced by the Krakatoa Magma Modifier in v2.0.0. It is still available for compatibility reasons, but by default will be converted automatically to a Magma Modifier on scene load.

Krakatoa FumeFX Modifier (Retired)

This modifier was used to disable the particle generation of FumeFX simulations and control the acquisition of various channels normally provided by FumeFX in Krakatoa v1.5.0. It was retired with the introduction of the Krakatoa PRT FumeFX object in v1.6.0.