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Krakatoa MX Objects

This chapter covers the geometry objects provided by Krakatoa for loading of particle files from disk and for creating particles from geometry volumes.

PRT Loader Object

The PRT Loader object can be used to load and display one or more particle file sequences in PRT, CSV or RealFlow Particle BIN format in the viewport and in the renderer.

'Select Partitions To Load' Dialog

The Select Partitions To Load dialog can be used to determine which partition sequence to load when a single file of a single sequence is selected through the "Add Files..." button of the PRT Loader.

'File Sequence Manager' Dialog

The File Sequence Manager can be used to overview and modify the file sequence settings of a PRT Loader using a spreadsheet editor.

Particle Culling and Normals Acquisition

The PRT Loader allows the early culling of particles based on their location in or outside of user-defined geometry volumes and the acquisition of surface normal from these geometry volumes.

PRT Volume Object

The PRT Volume object can be used to convert a geometry object or spline shape to a particle cloud by converting the mesh to a level set and creating one or more particles per voxel inside the volume.

PRT Surface Object

The PRT Surface object introduced in Krakatoa MX v2.1.7 can be used to convert one or geometry objects to a particle cloud by seeding random points on the objects' surfaces.

PRT FumeFX Object

The PRT FumeFX object can be used to convert a FumeFX simulation to a particle cloud by seeding one or more particles in each voxel of the FumeFX Grid.

PRT Hair Object 

The PRT Hair object introduced in Krakatoa MX v2.0.0 can be used to quickly generate a large number of particles along a 3ds Max Spline, a Hair Farm object converted to spline on top of the stack, of from all hair strands of 3ds Max Hair&Fur modifiers found in the scene.

PRT Maker Object 

The PRT Maker object introduced in Krakatoa MX v2.0.0 can be used to quickly generate a large number of particles which can be modified using Magma Modifiers. Optionally, the spatial distribution of the particles can be controlled and animated using 3D fractal algorithms.

PRT Source Object

The PRT Source object was originally added for 3rd party developers to pipe in particles via the Krakatoa Particle Stream Interface. In Krakatoa MX v2.5.0, it was extended to accept any particle source known to Krakatoa, thus becoming a universal particle cloner object. It supports most internal features of the other Krakatoa PRT objects incl. viewport and render particles generation, Selection channel including Soft-Selections, Krakatoa Delete modifier, Deformation Modifiers and Space Warps, and Magma Modifiers.

Particle Deformations Using Krakatoa Objects

The PRT Loader supports standard and custom deformation modifiers that operate within a gizmo (like Bend, Twist, Noise, Scripted SimpleMods etc.)