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Krakatoa MX Particle Flow Operators

Krakatoa provides several Particle Flow operators that extend the native particle system of 3ds Max with the ability to load particle files saved by Krakatoa into Particle Flow, control the saving of Particle Flow particles to files and accelerate the traditionally slow Particle Flow access to geometry objects including collisions, data acquisition and in-volume testing.

Loading Particle Files

The following operators provide means to bring particle files references by a Krakatoa PRT Loader object into Particle Flow:

Saving Particle Files

The following operator can be used to control the saving of custom data set using Script Operators or Particle Flow Tools Box #3 DataOperators:

Accelerated Geometry Access

The following operators provide faster interaction of geometry objects with Particle Flow particles:


Obsolete Operators

The following operators were available in earlier versions of Krakatoa. They have been hidden and replaced by the better PRT Loader-based operators described above, but are still available for backwards compatibility when loading old files: