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Quick Start

Krakatoa MX: Quick Start

The following topic discuss the minimum required steps to install and start using Krakatoa on your system.

This manual assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of 3ds Max particle systems and rendering tools. We will attempt to describe how features interact with Krakatoa, but we refer you to the 3ds Max reference manuals for instruction on specific 3ds Max features.

With the Krakatoa renderer, you will be cranking out particle systems orders of magnitude larger than previously manageable within the constraints of 3ds Max. In doing so, you should establish a standard workflow that takes advantage of Krakatoa’s strengths and provides top-quality results as quickly as efficiently as possible.

The following are the recommended steps for getting started with Krakatoa:

  1. Install Krakatoa and configure the licensing (or continue in the slightly limited evaluation mode).
  2. Select the Krakatoa renderer and configure settings via the Krakatoa GUI.
  3. Adjust restrictive 3ds Max default settings to make working with particle systems more comfortable.

Next, you will want to work through a number of the tutorials in order to learn the typical Krakatoa workflow, and understand how the partitioning technique allows you to dramatically increase your particle counts.