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License Server Download

These are the various packages needed to license Thinkbox products.

To find information about your license server or workstation, use the License Information Tools.

For setting up floating licenses, we encourage using the license server installers as they will automate license startup on all operating systems and keep installs consistent. The installers can be downloaded from the Thinkbox Downloads Website. If you have problems, don't hesitate to reach out to support.

For information on licensing include troubleshooting issues and configuration, see the license guide.

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    License Information Tools

    Scripts for finding out information about your license server or workstation that will allow the Thinkbox Sales team to write a successful node-locked or floating license.
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    Manual Install Files

    A collection of binaries that can be used to upgrade old installations, manually install new ones, or to merge with existing lmgrd setups.
  • File

    License Administration Guide

    This is the license guide for Flexnet Publisher version 11.12 as provided by Flexera Software