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Deadline + Shotgun Integration Video [Updated with Draft demo below]

One of the developers on the Deadline team - Jon, has authored a short tech demo of how to integrate Deadline 5.1 and Shotgun. This is the basis of creating automation in a facility and reducing the amount of time, effort, and redundancy in a number of tasks.

Once Deadline is speaking to Shotgun, all of the data relating to a job can be pulled into your Deadline submisson from Max, Maya Nuke and other tools - and any relevant information about the job an artist is rendering on the farm can be sent to Shotgun: Rendering paths, whether the job is completed, version numbers, thumbnails etc all get updated automatically.

There are many places you can take this - but let's start with the basics first.

Today, I am happy to present: Deadline 5.1 + Shotgun Integration