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Sign up for the Ember Beta!

Thinkbox is excited to announce a new product! Following in the tradition of Krakatoa, Frost and Genome, we bring you Ember

Ember is Thinkbox's volumetric field manipulation tool. We now add to your volumetric effects and fluid simulations workflow the same power that compositing brings to 3D renders. It can model volumes, it can merge simulations and it will change how you create.

It is not a simulator in the same way that a compositing program is not a renderer. It can do simulations, but more likely you will use to it for all sorts of other things as well.  We can't wait to see what you will be able to do now that the door to field manipulation is thrown open!

To join the Ember MX beta, please email:


Thinkbox will be demoing Ember in Los Angeles at SIGGRAPH 2012 at booth# 937