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XMesh History-Dependent Selection Caching Video

The video uploaded to the Thinkbox' YouTube Channel demonstrates some new features of XMesh MX v1.1. In particular, the ability to save selection channels with the cache, and the option to disable inter-frame optimizations. The latter feature allows an XMesh Loader to be saved over the existing XMesh sequence with one frame offset, accumulating channel data over time for history-dependent effects. In this particular case, a selection trail is created from a moving object.

In a further step, using Thinkbox' Genome procedural geometry modifier, the selection can be faded off over time. Arbitrary deformation modifiers can be applied to the selection on the stack to produce history-dependent displacement effects. This has possible applications like the creation of wakes on water, painting with moving objects on other objects, creating footsteps in the snow or on semi-elastic materials that regain their shape over time and many more. Note that the same approach of re-saving an XMesh sequence over itself can be used to store any channel modifications, including the direct caching of history-dependent deformations (vertex Position channel) instead of vertex Selection.

To download the current public beta builds of XMesh v1.1 Loader and Saver plugins for 3ds Max, please go here.