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Stoke MX is an easy to use Particle Simulator for 3ds Max designed to simplify and accelerate the creation of high volume particle clouds driven by Velocity Fields.

It can be used to advect millions of particles using 3ds Max Space Warps, FumeFX and Ember simulations, or velocities of other particles including Particle Flow, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa PRT Loaders, and even the 3ds Max legacy particle systems. Stoke can mix and animate the influences of any number of velocity sources, and can produce realistic fluid motion in dense particle clouds using just a few source particles.

Stoke MX can generate particles from geometry sources or from other particles, allowing the animation of previously static particle clouds like Krakatoa PRT Volume or Krakatoa PRT Maker, as well as the replication of cached particle sequences as free-flowing dynamic simulations.

Stoke MX is fast, fully multi-threaded and very easy to use. It can be rendered directly by Krakatoa and is a valid particle source for Frost meshing. It supports Krakatoa Magma modifiers on its modifier stack and produces Krakatoa-compatible PRT file sequences for caching and further processing. 

To learn more about Stoke MX and watch several videos recorded during various stages of its development, please visit the Stoke MX product page