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Where No Deadline Has Gone Before

Recently, some of our customers have embarked on inspiring journeys to push the boundaries of Deadline monitoring, and we felt like sharing their enterprises with the larger universe outside of our Support Forums.

Troy Wuelfing:

Troy has modeled and 3D printed a Star Trek warp core. Powered by a Raspberry Pi controlling an array of LED lights, it can pull data from Deadline via its web service and could be placed in the corner of the room to visually represent the load of the queue at the moment.


You can follow Troy's blog for the progress of the project.

You can read the whole message thread about the Deadline integration on the Deadline Support Forum.


Alex Gorbunov:

"Check out this recent cool mod we've got running on the production floor: we have two large displays that broadcast statistical data for 3D artists so they can see what's going on in the farm at any given time, but we like to push it to the next level so now we've got this smart airport display style scroll line that autonomously study farm activity and reflects key events on the farm as well as general messaging like "everyone welcome to screening room" or "rebooting license server" etc..."

You can see the display in action in this video:

display01 from Alexander on Vimeo.

You can find the original post with too much praise of Deadline's flexibity to include here on our Deadline Support Forum.

While writing this blog, it became apparent that Troy and Alex worked at the same company, and that Alex contributed to the programming of the warp core... Which makes the two projects a lot more related than expected.