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New to the Thinkbox Marketplace


Further to the announcement at SIGGRAPH 2016 – Redshift, NVIDIA Iray, NVIDIA Mental Ray and Peregrine Labs Yeti render are now available in the Thinkbox Marketplace.

Here’s a little bit about the latest additions to the marketplace:


Redshift is the world's fastest renderer built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering. By leveraging the incredible computing performance and efficiency of the GPU, Redshift dramatically speeds up rendering, resulting in faster iteration and lower costs. Tailored to support creative individuals and studios of every size, Redshift offers a suite of powerful features and integrates with industry-standard CG applications.

Find out more about Redshift


NVIDIA Iray is a state of the art, yet easy to use, photorealistic rendering solution with a robust C++API for seamless integration into 3D applications. Iray provides multiple rendering modes addressing a spectrum of use cases requiring real-time and interactive feedback to physically based, photorealistic visualizations.

Find out more about NVIDIA Iray


NVIDIA® mental ray® rendering software generates images of outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism. It combines physically based light simulation with full programmability to let you create any imaginable visual effect. 

Find out more about NVIDIA Mental Ray


yeti* is a powerful node based toolset for producing fur, feathers and efficiently instancing geometry within Autodesk’s Maya™. With numerous nodes for styling and an integrated dynamics engine, yeti* is the go to toolset for fur, hair, feathers, flexible grooming and more.

Find out more about Yeti


Render time is only consumed when the Deadline Slave application is rendering a job and is never consumed when the Slave is idle or offline!

Deadline 8 users can now purchase rendering time to use on-demand. 


Head to the Thinkbox Marketplace