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Introducing: Deadline 10 – for public preview

Deadline 10 is now available for preview.

This latest update to Deadline adds native integration to the AWS Cloud to enable customers to expand their render farms – whether it exists on-premise, purely on the cloud, or a hybrid of both – simply and securely.

To ensure that all the appropriate files are available in the cloud, Deadline synchronizes with local asset servers and manages the data transfer before rendering begins, tagging accounts and instances for cost tracking. With flexible third-party licensing options, Deadline 10 customers can purchase software licenses from the Thinkbox Marketplace, deploy existing licenses, or leverage a combination of the two to grow render farms elastically from the AWS Cloud.

Starting today, customers can also purchase by-the-minute render time of Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Arnold Renderer, and Chaos Group’s V-Ray Renderer.

Find out more or preview Deadline 10 here: