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Krakatoa MX, Frost MX, Stoke MX and XMesh MX now support 3ds Max 2018 

We are happy to announce that the Thinkbox 3ds Max plugins have been updated with 3ds Max 2018 support.

A new updated license is required for each one of them - please email to request a new license if your Support & Maintenance contract is active, or to renew it if it has expired:

  • Krakatoa MX v2.7 - same as v2.6.3, but with added 3ds Max 2018 support. v3.0 is currently in Beta.
  • Frost MX v2.1 - same as v2.0.14, but with added 3ds Max 2018 support.
  • Stoke MX v2.3.5 - a new version with 3ds Max 2018 support and several new features - see Change Log.
  • XMesh MX v1.5 - same as v1.4, but with added 3ds Max 2018 support.


IMPORTANT NOTES about 3ds Max 2018 support and command panel resizing

We encountered and reported a bug related to the new freely resizable command panel of 3ds Max 2018. It affects all scripted plugins (including the simple examples available in the MAXScript Online Help) and was discovered after the initial release of 3ds Max 2018.

If a scripted plugin is displayed in the command panel, then the command panel is resized, and the object selection is changed away and back to the scripted plugin object, the minimum width of the command panel will be locked to the current new width for the duration of the current session. The only way to reset it to the original startup width is by restarting 3ds Max 2018.

In addition, scripted UI controls using relative #left and #right alignment tend to float away with the edges of the command panel, resulting in completely unusable layouts. In contrast, C++ plugin UIs stay centered within the wider user interface, so they do not benefit from the new resizing capabilities yet, but do not suffer from the problem either.

As a workaround, we have rewritten our scripted plugin User Interfaces to take full advantage of the new resizable command panel, with the caveat that once made wider, it cannot be made more narrow if the object has been re-selected. The main benefit is that list view controls like the PRT files list in the Krakatoa MX PRT Loader, or the Source Lists in Stoke MX can now display a lot more information if the command panel is resized. Since MAXScript button controls cannot be resized once created, they have been replaced with .NET button controls throughout the scripted UIs. An added benefit is that the UIs in earlier 3ds Max versions are also fully consistent, as we use absolute control placement and sizes instead of relative ones.

Please use caution when resizing the 3ds Max 2018 command panel. If you made the command panel too wide while resizing, be sure to make it more narrow immediately BEFORE deselecting the currently selected Krakatoa or Stoke object. Otherwise, you might be forced to restart 3ds Max 2018 to revert to the default width, which currently results in multiple narrow columns in place of a single wide one.