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Celebrating Another Exceptional Year of Filmmaking

From a new chapter in the venerable Star Wars saga to a dark but beautiful dystopian future in "Blade Runner 2049," this year's awards-recognized projects showcase an incredible display of artistry. While the demands of production can be all-encompassing, awards season serves as a reminder for us to pause, recognize and reflect on the past year's body of work, and celebrate the achievements and vision of talented artists. 

In delivering solutions that help artists create these impressive visuals, we're consistently amazed at what our customers and others throughout the industry dream up. Although rendering might not garner the fanfare of other disciplines in the VFX workflow, it is vital to content creation, especially as projects become more complex and nuanced. When approached smartly and efficiently, rendering can fundamentally transform the way work is created, and was an essential step in realizing the artistry of many of the year's biggest films.

As the Academy Awards approach on March 4, we're excited to see such an amazing representation of work in contention. We congratulate our friends at Luma Pictures, ILM, Double Negative, Hybride, Blind, fx3x, Scanline VFX, Dreamworks, and Cartoon Saloon for contributing to films nominated in the Outstanding VFX and Best Animated Film categories; your work is jaw dropping. We wish the best of luck to all the nominees!