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Deadline 8.1 Beta Is Now Open!

During the beta period, bug fixes will continue to be pushed out with the Deadline 8.0 revision releases. But if you want early access to the new features, please join the beta and give us your feedback!

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Thinkbox Software at RFX BBQ and VR Production Party

Thinkbox Software's Director Of Sales Thomas Phariss and Deadline Developer Conrad Wiebe will discuss new features in Deadline 8, future plans and their pipeline for NUKE, V-Ray, Usage-based licensing, and the hybrid rendering approach allowing customers use cloud resources along with local resources together with permanent and/or usage-based licensing.

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postPerspective's Q&A with Chris Bond on Usage-Based and 3rd Party Licensing 

With our recent launch of Deadline 8, we are super excited to introduce on-demand, per minute licensing for Deadline and Krakatoa; The Foundry’s NUKE and KATANA; and Chaos Group’s V-Ray. 

On-demand licensing by no means replaces our perpetual licensing, which we’ll continue to offer.

Got questions? Check out postPerspective for a rundown on our usage-based licensing:


Thinkbox Customer Portal and Cloud License Server Maintenance Notification

The Thinkbox Customer Portal and Cloud License Server environments will be undergoing maintenance this upcoming weekend, which will result in intermittent connectivity issues during a portion of the maintenance window below.

  • Saturday, May 14 @ 08:00 PDT until 14:00 PDT (8:00am - 2:00pm PDT)
  • Saturday, May 14 @ 15:00 UTC until  21:00 UTC (3:00pm - 9:00pm UTC)
  • Sunday, May 15 @ 01:00 AEST until 07:00 AEST (1:00am-7:00am AEST)

During these connectivity issues, access to the Thinkbox Customer Portal could be unavailable. For users of Usage Based and 3rd Party Licensing, Deadline will finish rendering all tasks that are in progress when the connectivity issues begin, but will not be able to start any new tasks until connectivity is restored.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thinkbox Support.


Krakatoa MX 2.5.0 Provides 3ds Max 2017 Support And A Number Of New Features

Thinkbox Software is happy to announce that Krakatoa MX 2.5 is now available.

In addition to adding support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 and fixing a few bugs, it improves the integration with Sitni Sati's FumeFX fluid simulator and adds a few new features which should make several particle editing and rendering workflows much faster and easier.

Krakatoa MX 2.5.0 now uses a different approach to accessing FumeFX data and should support future builds of FumeFX without the need for a recompile. On top of that, the PRT FumeFX object has been updated with advanced timing controls similar to the ones found in the PRT Loader, allowing the direct live retiming of FumeFX simulation data without saving PRT files to disk.

Along the same lines, the PRT Source object has been enhanced significantly to accept any particle source supported by Krakatoa itself, giving the user the ability to duplicate any particle system on the fly and apply transformations, deformations, Magma modifiers, culling operations etc. to the live clone without saving to PRT files first.

Talking about Magma, a new member of the growing Magma family is the SpaceMagma World Space Modifier. It enables the channel editing, scene data sampling and data display after the particles have been transformed to world space and possibly deformed by Space Warps and other WSMs. This once again removes the need to first bake a PRT object to a PRT file sequence and operate on a PRT Loader to gain access to the world space data of the particles, and should make particle editing workflows a lot more streamlined and significantly faster.

The existing IntersectRay and NearestPoint operators now offer the option to ignore backfaces for all particles or on a per-particle basis for added flexibility.

A new Birth Channel Generator utility has been added to Krakatoa MX to facilitate the generation of "Birth Channels" as a post processing step. A Birth Channel will contain the particle's value at the time of birth of the particle, or at a user-specified reference time, and will propagate forward and backward in time, allowing for various effects like sticky camera projections and more.

The venerable Krakatoa PRT Birth and PRT Update operators in Particle Flow which used to accept only PRT Loaders as the data source have also been expanded like the PRT Source to accept any supported particle source (except for other Particle Flow systems due to a design limitation of Particle Flow itself). This means that you can now read data from any Krakatoa PRT object, Stoke Particles, Cebas Thinking Particles, 3ds Max legacy particles, Mesh vertices, or Spline interpolation points to create a update particles in a Particle Flow system.

On the rendering front, the PCache now allows the pre-caching of Emission and Absorption channels and the toggling of the Use Emission and Use Absorption options on and off without the need to reload particles, and also introduces support for a per-particle ReflectionStrength channel to modulate raytraced or environment map reflections per particle.

For a full list of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please see the Krakatoa MX 2.5.0 Change Log.

Krakatoa MX 2.5 requires an updated license. Please contact Thinkbox Sales to request your update if you are on active Support and Maintenance contract, or to purchase an upgrade or request an Evaluation license if you are not on active Support.

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