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Introducing Vero – the VFX budgeting application

Thinkbox Software has teamed up with veteran VFX Producer Joyce Cox to develop Vero, a new cloud-based application that simplifies the VFX budgeting and cost management processes. Encapsulating Joyce’s proven bidding philosophy and methodology into an accessible, easy-to-use interface, Vero helps estimate and track VFX budgets from script breakdown to shot delivery.

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Thinkbox Software at Foundry Spanish Roadshow

Mike will be on hand to discuss the ground-breaking scalable compute management system: Deadline 8! From cloud rendering to usage-based licensing, VPN-less render farms, GPU rendering and how statistical data from your compute solution is KEY to your future studio's business success.

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Deadline 8.1 Beta Is Now Open!

During the beta period, bug fixes will continue to be pushed out with the Deadline 8.0 revision releases. But if you want early access to the new features, please join the beta and give us your feedback!

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Thinkbox Software at RFX BBQ and VR Production Party

Thinkbox Software's Director Of Sales Thomas Phariss and Deadline Developer Conrad Wiebe will discuss new features in Deadline 8, future plans and their pipeline for NUKE, V-Ray, Usage-based licensing, and the hybrid rendering approach allowing customers use cloud resources along with local resources together with permanent and/or usage-based licensing.

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postPerspective's Q&A with Chris Bond on Usage-Based and 3rd Party Licensing 

With our recent launch of Deadline 8, we are super excited to introduce on-demand, per minute licensing for Deadline and Krakatoa; The Foundry’s NUKE and KATANA; and Chaos Group’s V-Ray. 

On-demand licensing by no means replaces our perpetual licensing, which we’ll continue to offer.

Got questions? Check out postPerspective for a rundown on our usage-based licensing:

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