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It's Friday, so let's see some remarkable work by our clients!

Here are some great spots created with Krakatoa by our talented users!

Sea World Commercial - (Fume FX and Krakatoa) from Fusion CI Studios on Vimeo.

CCTV Ink from on Vimeo.

Congratulations for the amazing work - I'm thrilled to see it, and I would like to see more. If you have any other great Krakatoa work, please send it to us! Chris Bond

Thinkbox Support Forums Now Active

The Support Forums for Deadline, Krakatoa and Awake have now moved over to Thinkbox Software Inc.

Please check them out at

Your previous login credentials will work, and if you are a user and do not have credentials,  you can create an account by going to the forum link and selecting 'Register' from the upper right corner of the page.


Chris Bond



Krakatoa 1.6.0 Non-Photorealistic Rendering Videos on YouTube

Krakatoa NPR Videos

Click to read more ...


Krakatoa 1.6.0 SP1 Particles Flowing Through Tube Videos on YouTube

Two YouTube videos showing the use of Krakatoa as a pure particle manipulation tool without rendering particles can be found here and here.

In this example, particles saved from Particle Flow are deformed to follow a complex tube and are then loaded back into Particle Flow and released for force application.


Krakatoa 1.6.0 Service Pack 1 Released

An updated version of the 1.6.0 installer with several important bug fixes and a number of UI improvements has been released.

For a discussion of the reasons for this Service Pack's existence, please see this blog.