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Important: Change in Cloud Licensing Certificates for UBL

This message is for AWS Thinkbox Deadline customers that are using Usage Based Licensing (UBL).

On August 21 2018, the Thinkbox Customer Portal will update the certificate that Deadline uses to connect to the Cloud License Server for UBL. This new certificate has been reissued through Digicert’s infrastructure to provide increased security. This certificate is included in Deadline and later, and will be installed automatically if you run the Client installer on your render nodes. If you are using UBL, we highly recommend you upgrade to Deadline

If you are on an older version of Deadline, or if you have upgraded to using the Automatic Upgrading process, you will need to manually update the certificate on your render nodes.

Please follow this guide to update your certificate to avoid any disruption in using UBL.


MacOS Installer Certificate Update

This is a quick announcement regarding the MacOS installers for Deadline. See the FAQ item below for more information.

FAQ: Why is my installer failing with the error "Deadline-X.X.X.X-osx-installer can't be opened" (where X.X.X.X is the installer version number)?

A: Thinkbox has recently updated its MacOS digital signing certificate and the installer you are using is signed with an outdated certificate. Please download a new installer for your preferred Deadline version here


AWS Media & Entertainment Cloud Symposium | Los Angeles

Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PDT
Location: Loews Hollywood Hotel | 1755 N Highland Ave,  Hollywood, CA  90028

Join Amazon Web Services as they host this year's Media & Entertainment Cloud Symposium in Hollywood, LA.

During this one day exploration into M&E Cloud trends, you can learn from Thinkbox CEO, Chris Bond who is hosting a session on 'Rendering in Cloud with Deadline 10'.

Jason will be detailing his experience on the post-production of 'The Tick' where he and the team at Fuse FX used Deadline 10 to scale their compute capability to a fleet of Amazon EC2 nodes.

Elsewhere at the symposium, you can learn how companies of all sizes are leveraging AWS services to increase agility, accelerate, innovation, and perfect the customer video experience.

Hear from your peers about their experiences and outcomes in leveraging the AWS Cloud to create content, stream live and linear 4K content, and simplify storage throughout the content lifecycle. In the afternoon breakout sessions will focus on the strategies and best practices for cloud-based content production, media supply chains, as well as video processing and delivery.

Furthermore, AWS subject matter experts will be on hand to answer your questions about best practices for migrating workloads to the cloud.

Registration is open now



Saddington Baynes delivers for Honda with On-Prem Deadline solution


We recently checked in with the creative studio Saddington Baynes to learn how Thinkbox Deadline brings power to their projects.

As the backbone of Saddington Baynes’ rendering workflow, Deadline has ably guided the studio, helping the team make the most of its resources while juggling projects using different computing environments, while also making sure any productivity-crushing rendering errors are avoided.



Deadline 8.1 Beta Is Now Open!

During the beta period, bug fixes will continue to be pushed out with the Deadline 8.0 revision releases. But if you want early access to the new features, please join the beta and give us your feedback!

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