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Thinkbox At Siggraph 2017

Are you planning to attend Siggraph 2017 in Los Angeles? Come visit us at Booth #323, and meet our team to learn what is new in the world of Deadline, Cloud rendering, Krakatoa, and more.

You can even use the coupon code "THINKBOX" to get your free exhibits-only pass on us!

This year, the Siggraph Exhibition will take place from August 1st to August 3rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with the conference running from July 30th to August 3rd.

We will be happy to see you there!


Thinkbox Software Reveals Sequoia at SIGGRAPH 2014

Powerful Standalone Point Meshing Tool Capable of Handling Extremely Large Data Sets Simplifies Data Visualization 

Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2014)SIGGRAPH, Booth 609 – Thinkbox Software today announced Sequoia, a powerful new standalone tool for converting particle and point cloud data to geometry backed by Thinkbox’s new application framework. Tailored for applications in the architecture, engineering and construction markets, Sequoia creates a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds, or laser scan data.

Compatible across OSX, Linux and Windows platforms, Sequoia leverages a brand new application framework that embraces out-of-core asynchronous parallel processing. The framework allows for progressive workflows where results can be returned before all the data is loaded, allowing users to work faster and without software wait times. Flexible file I/O ensures Sequoia can ingest or export data in nearly any format required, enabling seamless integration within established pipelines and toolsets. Once a 3D mesh has been generated, additional features allow for smoothing and decimation to reduce triangle count. Meshes can be colored and can be textured through image projections for enhanced data visualization.

"Sequoia establishes the foundation for a new way of working with Thinkbox tools. We’ve created a new standalone architecture for handling massive amounts of data, helping users work faster, easier and with data sets that exceed actual memory. Efficient 3D data visualization through textured and colored meshes is only the beginning of what we aim to achieve with Sequoia technology," said Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software.

Currently in development, the Sequoia beta is expected to launch early 2015. Thinkbox Software will preview the technology at the SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, BC in the booth #609 from August 10-14, 2014. For more information, please call 1-866-419-0283 or visit

About Thinkbox Software

Founded by Chris Bond in 2010, Thinkbox Software develops production-proven tools for visual artists and backs each product with highly responsive support. Used across entertainment, engineering and design, Thinkbox’s products include Deadline® high-volume data management software used to render or process files and several other artist-driven software tools to create, visualize and modify datasets for visual effects, animation and digital simulations. For more information, visit or follow @thinkboxsoft on Twitter. 

# # # 

Media Contact: 

Frances Ratliff
Raz Public Relations  


Thinkbox Software At Siggraph 2013 - News Coverage

A number of online news outlets covered the annual Siggraph conference and expo which this year took place in Anaheim, California. Thinkbox Software presented a strong line up of new product announcements and existing product updates, which was reflected positively by a number of reports.

CG Channel

CG Channel dedicated a whole article on "The Best New Software from SIGGRAPH 2013", including Deadline 6.1, Deadline VMX, Stoke MX 2.0, Frost MY, Krakatoa MX and Krakatoa MY in its post-show roundup:

Fellow particle specialist Thinkbox Software also had a few Siggraph announcements of its own – really quite a few, as it turned out. By our count, the developer unveiled four product updates and three new products.

Of the updates, the most significant was Stoke MX 2.0, the next version of its 3ds Max ‘particle reflow toolkit’.


The developer is working on Maya versions of its Frost point-cloud meshing system and XMesh geometry-caching system, both originally for 3ds Max only...

And if that wasn’t enough for one show, Thinkbox also announced Deadline 6.1 and Deadline VMX.

Visit CG Channel to read the whole story.

Production HUB

Production HUB posted an interview with Conrad Wiebe, Lead Developer of Krakatoa for Maya. In the video, Conrad provides a quick overview of the company's roots in VFX and the basic facts around the Krakatoa volumetric particle renderer.

Digital Media World

Digital Media World's review "SIGGRAPH 2013 Turns Up New Trends in FX and Animation" dedicates a large paragraph on Thinkbox Software's products, particularly Deadline 6.1 and VMX.


Post-Siggraph Notes: Krakatoa SR In Maxon Cinema 4D 

The Siggraph 2013 Expo is over, but we are still feeling some after-shocks! :)

On Wednesday and Thursday, C4D artist extraordinaire Casey Hupke performed live demos entitled "The Power of CINEMA 4D with Krakatoa SR and X-Particles 2" at the Maxon booth. Some of our developers saw these presentations in person.

Little did we know the main stage demos were being streamed to the Internet. A few hours later, our Sales team was burried under an avalanche of Krakatoa SR requests for evaluation!

We really appreciate the fantastic level of interest these Siggraph demos generated within the C4D community, but we have to clarify the technical details about what Krakatoa SR is and how it relates to Cinema 4D and the various connections that are being developed to make the two work together.

Krakatoa SR Is An API

Krakatoa SR is a stand-alone renderer that can be communicated with either through a C++ API, or via Python scripts. As such, the Krakatoa SR installation is not usable by non-programmers at this point. 

Krakatoa SR Is DCC-Application-Agnostic

Krakatoa SR was not developed specifically for Cinema 4D. It is a universal stand-alone renderer that can run on Windows, Linux and OSX and given the right connection plugin could communicate with any Digital Content Creation application like Cinema 4D, Houdini, Nuke, Fusion and so on.

Krakatoa SR Requires A 3rd Party Plugin For Cinema 4D

Krakatoa SR can be connected with Cinema 4D, and several independent efforts, both commercial and free, have been started to allow this integration. That being said, Thinkbox Software does not provide its own connection for C4D, nor do we endorse a particular 3rd party solution at this point. 

In order to be able to evaluate the capabilities of Krakatoa SR, you will have to acquire a Cinema 4D connection plugin first.

The particular plugin shown at the Maxon booth was developed by Ugly Kids and is not publicly available yet.

Some other C4D plugins like NAVIE Effex 2.0 also provide integration with Krakatoa SR as part of their feature set. This plugin is also available in a Personal Learning Edition which supports the Krakatoa SR connection for rendering native C4D particle sources (Thinking Particles, Mesh vertices, Spline vertices etc.) The full version of Effex 2.0 is required only for rendering Effex elements.

Krakatoa SR Requires Its Own Render License

Krakatoa SR uses a universal "Krakatoa-Render" license which can be shared with Krakatoa MX (for Autodesk 3ds Max), Krakatoa MY (for Autodesk Maya) when rendering on the network. Once you have acquired a Cinema 4D connection plugin from the 3rd party developers, you will need to request an evaluation license from Thinkbox Software's Sales team. Otherwise, the renderer will produce a watermark (densely covering the image with the word "Krakatoa"). 

So Can I Test-Drive Krakatoa SR Today?

If you already have a 3rd party connection for Cinema 4D (either because you have Effex 2.0 / Effex 2.0 PLE, or you are friends with one of the developers of such connections), you can request a two-week evaluation license by emailing our Sales team.

Alternatively, if you are interested in developing your own connection for Krakatoa SR in Cinema 4D using either the C++ or the Python interface, we would be happy to provide you with the DLLs.

Othwewise, please read on... 

What Comes Next?

We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the amazing response to our volumetric particle renderer and will try to work out a simpler way for Cinema 4D users to test and purchase Krakatoa SR in the near future. 

Please keep an eye on this space for updates!


Siggraph 2013 Presentation Schedule Booth #601

2013 Siggraph Schedule


Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00 STOKE MX: Change the way you think of Simulation and FX DEADLINE 6.1: Renders Unleashed! 6.1 Beta Preview STOKE MX: Change the way you think of Simulation and FX
10:30   VMX For Deadline: Your Cloud and your renders with Virtual Machine Extension  
11:00 DEADLINE 6.1: Renders Unleashed! 6.1 Beta Preview   DEADLINE 6.1: Renders Unleashed! 6.1 Beta Preview
11:30 VMX For Deadline: Your Cloud and your renders with Virtual Machine Extension MASTER SESSION: Chad Capeland Krakatoa SR in Fusion VMX For Deadline: Your Cloud and your renders with Virtual Machine Extension
12:30 IN PRODUCTION: After Earth with Jason Crosby of Pixomondo DEADLINE 6.1: Advanced Tile Rendering and Assembly for 3dsMax KRAKATOA for MAYA: New techniques and preview of MagmaFlow for Maya
1:00   IN PRODUCTION: Makoto Chiba of Magic Pictures discusses Thinkbox tools in Production [JAPANESE] DEADLINE 6.1: Advanced Tile Rendering and Assembly in 3dsMax
1:30 MASTER SESSION: Man v. Machine with Gavin Greenwalt of Straightface Studios   IN PRODUCTION: Making Worlds at Whiskytree with Jonathon Harb and Votch Levi
2:00 FROST/XMESH: Using Frost and XMesh in MAYA and MAX STOKE MX: Change the way you think of Simulation and FX  
3:00 IN PRODUCTION: After Earth with Jason Crosby of Pixomondo KRAKATOA for MAYA: New techniques and preview of MagmaFlow for Maya  
3:30 DEADLINE 6.1: Advanced Tile Rendering and Assembly for 3dsMax FROST/XMESH: Using Frost and XMesh in MAYA and MAX Exhibition CLOSED
4:00 KRAKATOA for MAYA: New techniques and preview of MagmaFlow for Maya    
4:30   DEADLINE 6.1: Renders Unleashed! 6.1 Beta Preview  
5:00 IN PRODUCTION: Making Worlds at Whiskytree with Jonathon Harb and Votch Levi VMX For Deadline: Your Cloud and your renders with Virtual Machine Extension  


Demo Sessions


Speaker: Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, Product Specialist

See how Stoke MX can enhance your particle simulation workflow and allow you to merge multiple velocity sources to create amazing results easily and quickly. Discover Stoke MX's asynchronous caching capabilities and never wait for computation again!

Topics covered will include:

  • Creating new particle simulations driven by Velocity Fields from Max Space Warps, FumeFX simulations, or other Max Particles including other Stoke simulations.
  • Overhead-free channel acquisition from emitter geometry or particles.
  • Creating dynamic simulations from non-animatable Krakatoa PRT objects by replicating existing particle clouds.
  • Asynchronous Simulation and Caching Workflow - Benefits and Benchmarks
  • Technology Preview of the upcoming Stoke MX 2.0

Deadline 6.1

Speaker: Ryan Russell, Lead Deadline Developer

Get a preview of the latest version of Deadline, covering the new updates to the monitor, the new job types, and other improvements since Deadline 6 launched in April!

Topics covered will include:

  • Dependency Graph View and the new Asset and Script-based dependency types
  • Sophisticated User Group management
  • Distributed Bucket Rendering Support for V-Ray
  • Improved filters, shortcuts, and display windows
  • Maintenance Jobs

VMX For Deadline

Speaker: James Coulter

Everyone has heard of cloud rendering, but can you render in all the clouds? At the same time? From your local render queue? Virtual Machine Extension for Deadline adds support for private cloud, public cloud and hybrid rendering to your local render management.

Topics covered will include:

  • Virtual Machines for local rendering with OpenStack
  • Asset Crawling in the Cloud
  • Controlling the Cloud with the Deadline Balancer
  • Rendering in the cloud with EC2, Azure and OpenStack

Advanced Tile Rendering and Assembly

Speaker: Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, Product Specialist

Distributed tile rendering is a common technique for rendering very hi-res images. Deadline 6.1 brings a new system to create and render arbitrary regions in the image and automatically composite the result into the final frame.

Topics covered will include:

  • Defining Tiles and Regions via the UI and Viewports gizmos
  • Re-rendering only what you need to
  • Automatic Tile Assembly using Draft

Krakatoa For Maya

Speaker: Conrad Wiebe, Lead Developer

Krakatoa MY has exciting new features like Particle Repopulation to increase your particle counts at render-time and to drive your creative juices. This presentation will cover the latest improvements in Krakatoa For Maya and what is coming next!

Topics covered will include:

  • PRT Loader and PRT Volume nodes
  • Manipulation of particle channel data
  • Particle Partioning
  • Particle Re-population

Frost and XMesh

Speaker: Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, Product Specialist

Two more plugins are coming to Maya. See how XMesh MY and Frost MY can help you get your scenes finished faster than ever before.

Topics covered will include:

  • Geometry Interchange with XMesh between Max and Maya
  • Cache performance for complex scenes
  • Using XMesh for changing topology animated meshes
  • Sneak peak of Frost For Maya

Master Series Talks

Man vs Machine

Speaker: Gavin Greenwalt, VFX Supervisor/Director, Straightface Studios

What's better, spending time optimizing a render or finding more render horsepower? Gavin breaks down what goes wrong when you are trying to get your renders done on time and trade offs you will see. In the end, there is only one winner but is it who you think it is?

Gavin Greenwalt has years of experience as an artist, a pipeline td, a VFX supe and is an active contributor to both Thinkbox and Imagination Technologies. His insight has helped shaped many tools you use today and the ones you don't know exist yet!

Krakatoa in Fusion!

Speaker: Chad Capeland, Freelance Technical Director

Krakatoa SR opens the door to 3rd-party integration like never before. Chad demonstrates how Anatomical Travelogue integrated the Krakatoa SR API into Fusion and how this creates surprising new workflows for both 3D and 2D Artists. See how the lines are blurred between 3D and 2D like never before in this look into the unique workflows of Anatomical Travelogue.

Chad Capeland solves difficult medical visualization problems in clever ways at Anatomical Travelogue. Starting from CT scans and MRIs and getting to a beautiful interactive animation on a tablet, the challenges Chad and his team face are impressive as the imagery they make. As a veteran user of Krakatoa since version 1.0, Chad has been pushing the Thinkbox developers to the limit for years!

In Production Series Talks

After Earth

Speaker: Jason Crosby, VFX Supevisor, FX Technical Director

VFX veteran Jason Crosby breaks down how Stoke and Krakatoa combine in some stunning effects delivered for recently released blockbuster "After Earth"

Making Worlds at Whiskytree

Speakers: Jonathon Harb, CEO and Creative Director, and Votch Levi, CG Supervisor, Whiskytree

An in-depth look into the pipeline at bay area effects shop Whiskytree for some of their recent projects.

Whiskytree's recently delivered effects for Captain America, Thor, Rango, and Tron:Legacy.

Thinkbox Tools at Magic Pictures

Speaker: Makoto Chiba, VFX Supervisor, Magic Pictures

Please note that this talk will be presented in Japanese.

VFX Supervisor Makoto Chiba returns to discusses the recent work of Magic Pictures and how Thinkbox tools XMesh, Frost, Krakatoa and Stoke fit in their pipeline.

Makoto Chiba leads a team of artists in Japan and in LA. With their internal fluid simulation toolkit "Aquarius" and a pipeline that spans the Pacific, Magic Pictures has recently delivered effects for "The Conjuring", "Beautiful Creatures", "Tenchi Meisatsu", "Journey2", and "Jonah Hex"