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Deadline 8 Technology Preview Video

The following video provides a quick overview of some new features found in the upcoming Deadline 8 software:


Image Projection in Sequoia

A short video which features Image projection in SEQUOIA has been uploded. 

This demonstrates the semi-automated alignment of an image onto geometry which was generated by meshing a point-cloud from a site LIDAR scan. More information can be found here:


Thinkbox Software Previews Sequoia at REAL 2015 in San Francisco

Live Demos Scheduled for Powerful Standalone Point Meshing Tool at
Inaugural Autodesk Event Highlighting 3D Visualization Technology

Los Angeles, CA (February 16, 2015)Thinkbox Software today announced that it will be demonstrating Sequoia at REAL 2015, being held February 25-27, 2015 in San Francisco, CA at the Fort Mason Center. Currently in development with beta expected for later this year, Sequoia converts particle and point cloud data to geometry, and was first shown as an early technology demonstration at SIGGRAPH 2014. 

The powerful new standalone tool leverages Thinkbox’s robust application framework to create a single 3D mesh from particles, vertex clouds, or laser scan data quickly and easily, often with data sets that exceed actual memory. Tailored for applications in the architecture, engineering and construction markets, Sequoia is cross-platform compatible and features flexible file I/O, enabling seamless integration within established pipelines and toolsets. 

The following videos provide a closer look at Sequoia:


Organized by Autodesk, REAL 2015 will focus on the technologies and best practices behind 3D sensing, scanning, processing, visualization and creation. Thinkbox Software will preview Sequoia in their booth #TBD. Limited discounted passes to REAL 2015 are available through Thinkbox. For more information, please call 1-866-419-0283 or visit

Additional information on Sequoia can be found here: 

About Thinkbox Software

Founded by Chris Bond in 2010, Thinkbox Software develops production-proven tools for visual artists and backs each product with highly responsive support. Used across entertainment, engineering and design industries, Thinkbox’s products include Deadline® high-volume data management software used to render or process files and several other artist-driven software tools to create, visualize and modify datasets for visual effects, animation and digital simulations. For more information, visit or follow @thinkboxsoft on Twitter.

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Media Contact:
Frances Ratliff
Raz Public Relations


Cloud On Demand with Deadline, VMX, and the Cloud Wizard

Everyone is excited about the potential impact of Cloud Compute on VFX, Animation, Simulation and Rendering. The thought that a small studio could have resources that scale alongside the largest companies in the world virtually ‘on demand’ is incredibly exciting. This excitement is usually immediately tempered by the steep learning curve in getting up to speed on Cloud technologies, with each major Cloud vendor inventing their own terminology for similar concepts which furthers the confusion. 

The SAAS [Software As A Service] models make Cloud Compute convenient, by simplifying workflows and technologies to fit into a specific box – a box your pipeline may not fit into – bringing you full circle to integrating your workflow to a specific provider. 
If you consider the past and present of Deadline you can see our agnostic approach to software [over 50 applications supported out of the box] and platforms [Linux, OSX, Windows], then you should be able to predict how we have framed Cloud for creative professionals. With support for all the major public Cloud providers [Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace] as well as Private Cloud support [Openstack, vmware] we bring that same platform/software agnostic approach to the future.
Our challenge is to make it easy. Enter: Cloud Wizard.
Deadline’s virtualization and Cloud extension, VMX, will soon ship with a specialized installer called the Cloud Wizard that will make it easier than ever for companies to install a Cloud render farm into their own Cloud account, typically in under 30 minutes. This is just the beginning - we’re working to make it easier for companies to get onto the Cloud with minimal technical fuss, maximal economy, no vendor lock-in, and no middle-man premiums in the environment they choose.  
We think this is the way the Cloud should be!
If you are not familiar with Thinkbox Software’s VMX extension for Deadline and the Cloud Wizard, or if you are new to Deadline, check out this short video that provides an overview of Deadline, VMX, and the Cloud Wizard.



Deadline 7, VMX And Cloud Wizard Webinar Videos Posted

A number of videos recorded on October 29, 2014 during the live Webinar focusing on some of Deadline 7's new features, the Virtual Machine Extension, and the Cloud Wizard, have been posted here.

With way over 500 new features in the upcoming Deadline 7 release, the presenters Mike Owen, Borislav "Bobo" Petrov and James Coulter look at the major areas, like

  • Improvements in the User Interface and Database backend, 
  • Ability to suspend and resume individual tasks, 
  • New Batch property for logical grouping of related jobs in the Monitor and the Job Dependencies interface, 
  • New global and local Slave Scheduling controls,
  • Jigsaw multi-region rendering for Maya, Modo and Rhino,
  • New callbacks for pipeline integration,
  • New per-machine Slave licensing and relaxed Draft licensing,
  • VMX Balancer
  • Cloud Wizard, including a live demo of setting up a Google Cloud Compute render farm in under 30 minutes.