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Deadline Render Farm Management System

What Is Deadline?

  • Deadline is a hassle-free administration and rendering toolkit for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX based render farms. 
  • Deadline offers a world of flexibility and a wide-range of management options for render farms of all sizes, and supports over 40 different rendering packages out of the box.

What Is New In Deadline 6.1?

The upcoming version 6.1 of the render queue management system includes the following key new features

  • Job Dependency View - View and modify a job's dependencies (including asset and script dependencies) using the new node-based display in the Deadline Monitor.
  • Asset and Script Dependencies - Set up dependencies on assets (textures, cache files, etc) or Python scripts so that a job only starts when all assets are available and the Python script(s) return success. 
  • Native Python API - Communicate with Deadline from external Python scripts without having to explicitly call the Deadline command application and parse its output.
  • New Maintenance Job Mode - Once a slave completes a task for a maintenance job, it will no longer pick up any additional tasks for that job.
  • Popup Message Notification System - Akin to NetSend Notification in Deadline 5, the system sends popup messages to workstations indicating if a job has completed or failed.
  • Autodesk 3ds Max support improvements: V-Ray DBR support, Multi-Region Rendering Support
  • Autodesk Maya support improvements: V-Ray DBR support, Arnold Region Rendering support

When Will Deadline 6.1 Be Available?

  • Deadline 6.1 is expected to enter Beta testing after Siggraph 2013 and should be available for free to all existing customers with an active support and maintenance contract later this year.