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VMX Extension For Deadline

What Is VMX?

VMX is a Virtual Machine eXtension for Deadline, Thinkbox's render farm management software, that enables Deadline to interact with nearly any private or public Cloud solution, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and many more.  Multiple private and public cloud solutions can be used at the same time, along with classic non-cloud rendernode and workstation rendering.

How Does It Work?

  • VMX is purely additive to an existing Deadline farm.  
  • Mix in Cloud rendering at your own pace and using your own pipeline.  
  • Configure which Jobs can render on each Cloud region using Deadline Groups.  A given Group can be configured to render on multiple Cloud regions, with custom selection of which virtual hardware and which OS/software image is used for each. 

How Much Will It Cost?

  • VMX will allow customers who require the additional advanced VM and Cloud management functionality in Deadline to purchase a license of VMX, while keeping the price of the Deadline product the same for all other users. 
  • The final price of VMX has not been announced yet.

More About VMX

Comprehensive Compatibility - Pluggable cloud support ensures interaction with nearly any cloud solution, allowing users to leverage their preferred private and/or public clouds.

Additive Cloud Support - Cloud support can be seamlessly mixed into an existing render farm.  Add public and private cloud rendering to an existing farm and/or migrate existing render nodes over to private cloud compute nodes as needed.

Balance and Auto-scale - Balance virtual machine instances when resources are fixed and auto-scale instances when demand spikes.  Prevent over-utilization of compute nodes on private clouds and excessive costs on public clouds using budget controls.

Granular Control - Assign which groups can render on each cloud region and set the preferred order of region usage such as directing private cloud spill over into public cloud/s during demand peaks.  

Maximize Resources - Tune the virtual hardware settings (VCPUs, VRAM, etc.) for each Group to maximize the utilization of compute nodes on private clouds and minimize costs on public clouds.

Asset Verification - Avoid wasted cycles on the cloud by ensuring that the needed assets are present before rendering a job.

Flexible Balancing Algorithm - A pluggable balancing algorithm enables customization beyond the default if additional functionality is needed.