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Stoke Production Showcase

The following page showcases Stoke MX as used by our valued customers in real-world production.

Short Films

Rebirth (2014) - Patryk Kizny

“Rebirth” is a philosophical story of human desire for transcendence and a Faustian dream of achieving immortality through creation at a symbolic level. It is a story of the cycle of life – from birth of an idea through its materialization, adolescence to decay and finally – a rebirth.

“Rebirth” develops the subjects further on a multiple new layers – starting from the idea and the narrative to an impressive range of applied visual techniques. In the film, besides of “standard” cinematography of dance scenes in the final act and motion-controlled HDR timelapse visuals known from “The Chapel”, used to render the glory of the temple as perceived by the artist, Kizny in an innovative way makes use of laser scans of the building directly as a means of expression and a novel element of film language. Through this technique the audience can witness the process of creation of an architectonic object as imagined by a genius architect long before the object is materialized. An industry insider will trace lots of other techniques applied, such as particle simulations, motion capture or photogrammetry.


Visual Effects

After Earth (2013) - Pixomondo

An early build of Stoke was used by Pixomondo to create a complex particle effect for the upcoming movie featuring Will and Jaden Smith. No imagery is available at this point.


Personal Projects, Tests and Demos

Underground Streams (2015) - XiangPu Zhu

This project posted on Facebook uses Stoke MX and Krakatoa MX to produce a meditative experience (greatly helped by the quality music score by Esther Garcia

伏流(Fu Liu) from Xiang Pu Zhu on Vimeo.



Stoke Driven By Fume (2013) - Michael Stark

This project used not only Stoke MX, but also XMesh MX and Frost MX, plus the Krakatoa MX 2 PRT Loader and Krakatoa PRT Birth operator in Particle Flow... The whole enchilada!

Stoke driven by Fume from Michael Stark on Vimeo.

The following video shows the original FumeFX simulation where Stoke was initially employed to just create some embers to enhance the effect.

Goodbye FumeFX Follow from Michael Stark on Vimeo.


Naiad Enhanced By Stoke (2013) - Torbjorn Olsson