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Stoke MX 2.3.5 Change Log

Stoke Particle Simulator

  • Added a Birth-time Magma which is evaluated against new particles after they are born
    • Output channels added to this Magma will automatically be added to the list of available channels in the Stoke UI
  • Added a Per-Step (advection-time) Magma which is evaluated against all particles between the calculation of the advection offset and the application of the advection offset
  • Added an "AdvectionOffset" channel
    • This represents the amount in length units which the "Position" channel will be offset by during advection
    • The channel is written before the per-step Magma is evaluated so that it can be modified using the per-step Magma before it is applied to the "Position" channel
    • Modifying the "Position" or "AdvectionOffset" channels with these Magmas will not change the "Velocity" channel, meaning it must be modified manually if these channels are changed for correct sub-frame interpolation or motion blur rendering in Krakatoa
  • Added the ability to simulate without a velocity source. This is useful when the advection of the particles is completely driven by the Per-Step Magma setting the Velocity and AdvectionOffset channels without any external velocity sources.

See these videos for examples of modifying the AdvectionOffset, Velocity and Color using a Per-Step-Magma, and history-dependent deletion of particles using Birth and Per-Step Magma:


Stoke Field Mesher

  • The new Stoke Field Mesher object is based on the OpenVDB Mesher.
  • It takes a valid Stoke Field source object and converts a specified scalar field to amesh.
  • Valid sources are Stoke Field Loader, Stoke Field Magma, Stoke Field Simulator, and any mesh with a Stoke LevelSet modifier.
  • Any relevant fields including Selection, Color, TextureCoord and Mapping channels will be propagated to the mesh.

Fluid Grid ASCII (.fga) Exporter

  • The FGA format is typically being used by game developers to move velocity fields from Maya to the Unreal Engine and advect particles with them in real time.
  • The new Stoke to FGA Exporter is accessible through the Stoke menu and its MAXScript source can be seen as an example of custom file exporter implemented using the Stoke MAXScript Interfaces.


  • Added a phase input to the Noise and VecNoise operators (same as Krakatoa MX).
  • Added various pseudo random number generator operators for distributions (same as Krakatoa MX):
    • UniformRandom
    • VecUniformRandom
    • GuassianRandom
    • WeibullRandom
    • TriangleRandom
    • ExponentialRandom
    • UniformOnSphere
  • Added the ability to reorder the exposed controls using the Top, Up, Down and Bottom buttons in the Magma Editor's command panel.
  • Added context menu when dragging from input sockets of Objects, Particles, or Geometry sockets - this lets you pick an existing node from a list or create a new one (inspired by a similar Magma feature in Krakatoa for Maya).
  • Significantly improved the Editor's performance when working with large flows.
  • Fixed an issue where PropertyQuery nodes couldn't query properties with '.' characters in their name.
  • Added TimeInSeconds, FPS (FrameRate) and TPF (TicksPerFrame) entries to ActiveType.
  • Improved ActiveType values and color values to appear in a more logical order (e.g. Pi before Pink).
  • Fixed InputScript node creation via ActiveType to correctly update the command panel and name the node according to the requested value.
  • Fixed the Magma Editor's Navigator window to draw the Output nodes when they are set to floating vs. docked to the right.
  • Forced redrawing of BLOP flows when entering to Edit BLOP, as sometimes the nodes were left unordered.
  • Removed the option to change the input type of the AngleAxisToQuat node as it made no sense.

New UI Features And Tweaks

3ds Max 2018

  • The 3ds Max 2018 command panel is resizable, however most native and 3rd party plugins don't take advantage of this feature yet.
  • All Stoke objects that use a scripted plugin UI implementation will take full advantage of the extra screen space. This is especially useful for viewing source objects list views which used to be rather narrow in previous versions of 3ds Max.
  • In addition, the general placement of UI controls in all 3ds Max versions will be much better and predictable, including 3ds Max 2018 (resizable command panel), 3ds Max 2017 (first version with Qt UI controls), 3ds Max 2016 and earlier (Win32 UI controls).
  • However, a bug in 3ds Max 2018 causes any scripted plugin that implements a custom UI (which includes most Stoke objects) to set the min. width of the command panel to the currently resized width of the custom UI. Once the command panel has been resized wider, and the current object selection has been changed, the minimum width will be locked to the new size and you will not be able to resize it back to a more narrow column until you restart 3ds Max. Please be careful when resizing the command panel!

Stoke Field Loader

  • Added an option to open the Windows Explorer at the location of the file sequence to the Stoke Field Loader in a new context menu.
  • A new dotNet ListView control showing the Grid Size, Spacing, Bounding Box Size, and all channels of the selected Field has been added.
  • When the selected file is not part of a file sequence (no trailing frame digits in the file name), the Load Single Frame Only option will be checked automatically.
  • When the Stoke Field Loader is created manually by clicking in the viewport (as opposed to SHIFT+menu to create at the origin), the Apply Object Transforms option will be checked automatically to ensure the field is loaded where the user clicked and not at the world origin.
  • Added an "ADD Stoke DISPLAY Modifier" option to the [>>] menu to speed up access to the display modifier since it is useful for filtering out LevelSet data.
  • Added a Select Dependent Objects button which opens a menu to select any object that uses the Stoke Field Loader as a source.

Stoke Field Magma

  • The Grid Info field has been split into two rows - Grid: and Size:.
  • The Size will now use Integer64, so billions or trillions of voxels will be displayed correctly.
  • Comma delimiters have been added, so 1234567890 will now appear as 1,234,567,890.
  • The License status has been removed, since the Stoke Field Magma does not acquire one (only the Particle and Field Simulators actually cause a license to be checked out), and the Field Magma claimed "unlicensed" most of the time.

Field Data Viewer dialog

  • The total count display in the info line now uses Integer64 to show more than 2 billion voxels correctly.
  • Comma delimiters have been added, so 1234567890 will now appear as 1,234,567,890.


  • Added menu items to the context menus of the Stoke Field Magma, Stoke Field Simulator, Stoke Field Loader to open the Stoke Field Magma Viewer, Probe and Exporter tools directly from the UI of the object.

Stoke Menu

  • The Stoke Menu Creator has been updated to support sub-menus.
  • A new sub-menu includes the Genome macro scripts for adding an empty or preset modifier.