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Stoke MX Field Data Viewer

Available in Stoke MX 2.0 and higher. Last Edited on May 1, 2014.


The Stoke Field Viewer is a spreadsheet tool for exploring the actual voxel data values in Stoke Field objects. It is very similar to and shares most workflows and controls with the Krakatoa MX Particle Data Viewer tool.

Accessing The Field Data Viewer

The Stoke Field Viewer is available from the Stoke menu in the 3ds Max Main Menu.

Any number of Viewers can be opened at the same time. Each Viewer represents the data at the time it was opened (or updated) on. This allows the comparisons of values by opening two or more Viewers side by side for the same object at different times, or on the same frame but for different objects.

The Viewer will be opened for the currently selected Field object (if any). Otherwise it will display data of the first Field object found in the scene (if any).

User Interface