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Stoke MX Field Texmap

Available in Stoke MX 2.0 and higher. Last Edited on May 1, 2014.


The Field Texmap is a procedural texture map that lets you pass Stoke Field data into the shading system of 3ds Max.

It is accessed through the regular 3ds Max Material / Map Browser.

User Interface

Parameters Rollout

Field Source pickbutton 

  • The pickbutton lets you pick a valid Stoke Field source from the scene.
  • Hit the H key to select by name. 

[>] button 

  • Clicking the button next to the Field Source pickbutton will open a context menu with the following options:
    • Select Field Source - selects in the scene the object that was picked as the field source. Grayed out if no source was picked.
    • Hide Field Source - togge the hidden state of the picked field source. Grayed out if no source was picked. A checkmark will be displayed if the source is hidden.
    • Remove Field Source - clears the Field Source pick, disconnecting the texture from the Field Source. 

Channel drop-down list 

  • The list will contain all Scalar and Vector channels defined in the source.
  • Scalar fields will be interpreted as grayscale values, Vector channels as Color values.
  • If the map is used in a Mono or Normal Perturbation (Bump) channel, the field will be used to produce the expected data automatically.


Coordinates Rollout 

  • The Coordinates rollout is the standard object texture mapping plugin used by procedural textures.
  • It will be set to World XYZ mode by default to apply the world-space field data to the scene objects.