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Welcome to Thinkbox Support!

For immediate assistance, we encourage you to visit our documentation hub and/or our community forums. 


For issues that aren't covered in our documentation or community forums, please select between AWS Premium Support and Thinkbox Support depending on the issue you are facing.

AWS Premium Support

We highly recommend AWS Premium Support for those who are or will be using AWS services within their business as help is available for all services including but not limited to Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS as well as AWS Thinkbox Deadline. AWS Premium Support is available 24/7, reducing wait times for support response. You will have contact options that include email, chat, or phone. To learn more about AWS Premium Support, including plans and pricing, visit the AWS Premium Support site.

Thinkbox Support

Thinkbox Support is available for all Thinkbox customers with active licenses or support subscription. We recommend reaching out to us for issues specific to AWS Thinkbox products. AWS Thinkbox support is available Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm CST. You can contact us at For questions related to licensing or your account, please contact for a faster response. 

You can also reach both the support and sales teams by phone (9am – 5pm CST): +1-866-419-0283.